Optical Network Terminals Information

Optical network terminals (ONTs) are network interface devices (NIDs) which convert incoming optical signals into electrical signals at the location of the end user for passive optical networks (PONs). They also convert outgoing electrical signals into optical signals. ONTs are used in homes and offices as a translation point for information going to and coming from computers and telephones associated with fiber optic networks (i.e. fiber-to-the-premises applications).


The most important features for ONTs to incorporate are:


High speed WAN port with up to one Gbps Ethernet connectivity

Platform commonality, providing the ability for the operator to use the same processor and software platform for their FTTH and xDSL residential gateways.

PON support means the ONT includes the PON Media Access Converter (MAC), allowing the optical module tp be added in the future.


Optical Network Terminal     Optical Network Terminals

Models of optical network terminals.

Image Credit: Verizon FIOS | PMC-Sierra

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