Wavelength Lockers Information

Descriptionwavelength locker


Wavelength lockers are used to stabilize the wavelength output of lasers used in dense wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs) or optical add drop multiplexer systems as well as tunable lasers.


They are attractive to tunable laser manufacturers because they reduce the overall size of laser packages.




There are two types of wavelength lockers commercially available:


External - Used outside the laser package.


Internal - Placed inside the laser package. Internal wavelength lockers are often more effective when it comes to improved product performance and reduced manufacturing cost.


Wavelengh lockers may be designed as either a front locker or a back locker. A front locker receives light from the tront facet of laser, while a back locker receives light from the laser's back facet.




Development of internal wavelength lockers for tunable laser applications


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