Automotive Services Information

Automotive services provide design, engineering, testing, maintenance, repair, and manufacturing services to the automotive industry. Some support the manufacturers of automotive parts and automotive equipment. Others support the end-products of the automobile manufacturers themselves. These products include completed vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles, as well as components, systems, and subsystems such as seat belts, steering, and brakes. The automotive services industry encompasses fields such as auto parts manufacturing, automotive process assembly, and car engine machine repair. Automotive services may also specialize in brake design, clutch repair, or diesel engine repair.

Many automotive services specialize in automotive design to help car manufacturers improve the visual appearance, ergonomics, and performance of road vehicles. Often, the work of an automotive design team is divided into three parts: interior design, exterior design, and trim design. Interior design services work with automotive interior parts such as air conditioning systems, tachometers, seats, steering columns, upholstery, and wiring. Exterior design services specialize in car body design. They are staffed by car industry professionals such as structural forensics engineers and vehicle packaging engineers. Automotive services that provide trim design are also available.

Automotive engineering is a type of vehicle engineering that applies elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic and safety engineering to the design, production, and operation of cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. Automotive services that are staffed by automotive engineers differ in terms of capabilities. Some companies design car products, tests, and test procedures. Others analyze and interpret data about vehicle performance under specific conditions. Automotive engineers also ensure that parts can be sourced when large-scale vehicle assembly begins, supervise automotive designers and other technical staff, and work with colleagues across the country or around the world.

There are many different types of automotive services. In addition to automotive design and automotive engineering, companies may provide automotive repair, coating and finishing, part fabrication, processing, equipment and system services, repair and maintenance, testing, and electronics manufacturing. Auto maintenance and repair services include motorcycle repair services, diesel engine repair services, and bus repair services. Coating and finishing services that serve the automotive industry coat or plate the surfaces of manufactured components. Automotive part fabrication services, automotive equipment services, and automotive testing services are also available.