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Midstream servicesMidstream services are companies and operators who primarily transport, store, and provide wholesale distribution of consumable energy sources, such as oil, natural gas, and liquid natural gas. This is in contrast to upstream services that represent exploration and harvesting companies, and downstream services that refine, process, and distribute energy resources on a retail and consumer level.


Midstream service providers’ primary function is to distribute crude oil and gas downstream to be processed into fuel. The bulk of this task is accomplished with the use of large pipelines. The crude oil and gas will often have to travel very long distances that may require other transportation methods to be deployed to accomplish the primary task. When transportation methods must be changed, this is accomplished at terminals that contain the necessary equipment to store and move the fluids between methods of transportation. Midstream service providers are responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the pipelines and the terminals. The other methods used for crude oil and gas transport are trucks, rail cars, and marine vessels such as barges.


 Midstream services are often broken up into different types of service providers.

  • Pipeline construction and maintenance services: Pipeline construction and maintenance services include the construction and maintenance of crude oil and gas pipelines.
  • Secondary transport services: Secondary transport services include trucking companies, marine transport companies, and rail companies that provide alternate transportation for crude oil when not in a pipeline.
  • Terminal construction and operation services: Terminal construction and operation services include the construction, maintenance, and operation of the terminals required for crude oil storage and transport method changes.

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