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Camera control unitCamera controllers are used to remote control cameras and vision systems for industrial monitoring and security. Camera controllers are capable of handling numerous camera or video sites, allowing a single receptacle source to capture the information and/or display it for real-time tracking.

Camera Control Mechanism

These devices may be controlled by keypads, joysticks, computer interface, or via remote sources such as a central digital command point or Internet systems.

Camera Control Features

In addition to basic viewing and monitoring, camera controllers are available with a number of features that allow for closer inspection, or automatic monitoring. These features include:

  • Pan and tilt control- Pan and tilt control means that the camera can be aimed both horizontally (pan) and vertically (tilt).
  • Automatic panning- Automatic panning and/or area scanning can be set to run automatically. This function typically includes panning speed control, dwell times, and other options.
  • Zoom control- Zoom control allows the camera controller to increase the magnification of the image captured by the camera or video recorder.
  • Iris control- Iris control refers to the manipulation of the light-admitting aperture on the camera. This can be adjusted to deal with changing light conditions associated with day/night, or industrial processes, such as arcing from welding, etc.
  • Shutter control- Shutter control refers to remote setting of the shutter exposure time. This can allow for time-lapse photography in systems where second to second recording is unnecessary, or it can result in a wider range of image qualities depending on a number of physical and environmental factors. 

Video Output

Camera controllers can capture video output in a number of formats including:

  • Composite
  • Y/C
  • Serial (including RS232 and RS485)

Additionally, more advanced camera controllers can be fitted with video overlays and digital controllers to handle digital cameras, and the transmission and receipt of the signals.

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