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Hawaiian Airlines is still searching for Boeing 767s with availability and prices tightening as carriers continue to use those planes as a bridge until 787 production ramps up and delivery starts.

The airline recently said in an update to investors that demand for 767-300ERs is high, making it a challenge to secure additional planes. Hawaiian wants to add two of the type to its fleet in 2006.

"The resulting high price and lack of availability of these aircraft have, so far, prevented us from acquiring additional units," Hawaiian management said, adding that it is looking at alternatives but cautioned against the operational and managerial burdens of adding another fleet type. Hawaiian flies 14 767-300ERs and 11 717s.

Hawaiian emerged from Chapter 11 in June, and now faces increased competition on flights from the mainland U.S. and inter-island routes.

Airline officials said capacity between Phoenix and Hawaii would grow 127% after US Airways enters the market with four daily flights. Using published schedules, Hawaiian's management said Las Vegas-Hawaii capacity should increase by 29%, "assuming US Airways adds two flights per day."

Hawaiian explained that the effect of US Airways entering the Hawaiian market hinges on the percentage of traffic that connects from the rest of the US Airways network. A greater proportion of connecting traffic would mean less detriment to Hawaiian.

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