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   Digital Printing       Digital printing refers to the production of printed media, text, graphics, or hardcopies from digital media. 
   Direct Thermal Printing       Direct thermal printers output sharp, clear text and graphics. They use heat to set images on non-curling, smudge-proof, heavy-stock thermal paper. 
   Engraving       Engraving refers to the scribing or incision of text or graphics on a surface by removal of material via lasers or physical contact. 
   Flexography       Flexography is a rotary-press printing technology that uses water-based inks. Flexographic printers are often used to print on plastic, paper, or cardboard. 
   Hot Stamping       Hot stamping machines use heat and pressure to apply an image onto a surface from a film that carries a thin leaf of color. 
   Ink Jet Printing       Ink jet printers spray ink droplets through a nozzle onto the page. There are two basic types of ink jet printers: thermal and piezo. 
   Laser Printing       Laser printers use a laser beam to produce an image on a drum. The light of the laser alters the electrical charge on the drum, and the drum is then rolled through a reservoir of toner. In turn, the toner is picked up by the charged portions of the drum. Finally, the toner is transferred to the paper through a combination of heat and pressure. 
   Letterpress       Letterpress printers are simple printing presses that use a die with raised type to press text onto the page. 
   Line Printing       Line printers contain a chain of characters or pins that print an entire line at one time. They are very fast, but produce low-quality print. Line matrix printers use the same technology as dot matrix printers, but are much faster over greater workloads. 
   Lithography       Lithography is the reproduction of an image by treating a flat plate with immiscible fluids. In this manner, oil-based paints are transferred to media by the aforementioned flat plate. 
   Offset Printing       Offset printers use a rubber cylinder to transfer an inked image from a printing plate to paper or other media. 
   Pad Printing       Pad printers use silicone pads to print on contoured or difficult plastic surfaces. They are used for relatively small images, text, and graphics. 
   Plotting       Plotters use a pen to produce line art and images on paper or other media. 
   Rotary Press       Rotary presses are similar to letterpresses, but place the raised type on a roller instead of a flat die. 
   Rotogravure       Rotogravure printers engrave photographic images on a cylinder that is then used in a rotary printing press. 
   Screen Printing       Screen printers transfer an image onto a mesh screen by blocking out the surrounding area or areas. 
   Thermal Transfer       Thermal transfer uses heat and pressure to transfer resin-based ink from tiny ribbons directly onto the paper. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialized, or proprietary technologies. 
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   Printed Material       
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   Card Stock       Card stock is a durable paper noted for being thicker than text paper, and is often offered in several weights that define the actual thickness. 
   Cloth / Fabric       Cloth or fabric materials are textiles composed of thread, yarn, tuft, or other elongated material that has been bound together by weaves or other non-woven methods. 
   Coating / Coated Base       Coating base papers have a smooth surface and a controlled porosity to allow coating on one or both sides. Coated base papers are either finished products or contain a primary coating to enhance further processing. 
   Currency (Banknotes, Certificates, Tickets)       Currency stock is used for monetary notes, bank documents, tickets, certificates and other legal tender. These papers are often tamper-evident and use anti-counterfeiting technology. 
   Film / Transparent Materials       Film and transparent materials are noted for smooth polymer surfaces that are prone to smudging and the running of ink.  They are often used for packaging, overlays, and other applications that require a transparent or protective surface. 
   Graphic Arts / Fine Art Papers       Graphic arts and fine arts papers are used in presentations that are prepared mechanically or manually. Generally, these papers are intended for long-term use. 
   Labels       Labels are composed of film, paper, or other backing materials and are used for the display of printing, lithographing, embossing, hot stamping, stickers, seals, or other written, printed or graphic matter. 
   Large Format (Banners, Posters, Signs)       Large format printing refers to the printing or reproduction of poster size prints, giclees, or other materials exceeding the size of letter paper. 
   Metals and Metal Alloys       Metals and metal alloys include metals and alloys in the form of sheet, foil, plate, and other standard shapes. 
   Newsprint       Newsprint is light-weight paper suitable for high-speed printing operations, mass distribution, and limited life applications. 
   Packaging / Barrier Papers       Packaging and barrier papers protect and support items to prevent damage from handling, impact, fluids, sunlight, and other environmental factors. 
   Photo Paper       Photo quality papers refer to paper materials used for the reproduction of photographs via emulsion or other photographic printing methods. Photo paper is offered in several sizes and surface finishes such as glossy, semi-glossy, or satin.   
   Plain Paper       Text and plain paper encompasses writing papers and stationery products that are suitable for use by individual writers, or for general-purpose printing. These papers are known by many different generic and trade names. 
   Polymers and Polymer Materials       Polymers and polymer materials encompasses a board range of products such as plastics, elastomers, or rubber materials. 
   Promotional Items       Promotional products are giveaways and advertising supplies used to promote a brand, logo, company, or new product. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialized, or proprietary material. 
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   Binding / Folding       Binding and folding services are secondary operations that transform brochures, books, pamphlets, or other literature into a finished product. 
   Copying       Vendors offer copy services or duplication of existing materials including but not limited to text, images, graphics, technical drawings, or other media. 
   Direct Mailing       Direct mailing is an advertising service where promotional products and materials are distributed to the general public, and is often referred to as junk mail. 
   Distribution       Distribution of literature or other manufactured goods to user supplied recipients, or defined locations as determined by your requirements. 
   Editing       Editors proofread your text or literature and prevent the publication, distribution, or reproduction of spelling mistakes, grammatically incorrect phrases or other erroneous typos. 
   Fulfillment       Fulfillment services describe a complete turnkey process where your products or order is completed in-house, and managed for you from inception through end result. 
   Graphic Design       Graphic design services create various forms of visual information for advertisements, web sites, and other publications. 
   Inventory Management       Inventory management is the organization, tracking and warehousing of your brochures, books, pamphlets, or other literature. 
   Just-In-Time Capability       Suppliers have just-in-time manufacturing capabilities in order to reduce the need for inventory maintenance. 
   Packaging       Packaging services package and/or label products and materials produced by other companies on a contract basis. 
   Prepress       Prepress services includes, but are not limited to, copyediting, document assembly and other refinement operations carried out post-procurement and prior to the printing process. 
   Publishing       Publishing is the production and distribution of your brochures, books, pamphlets, or literature to the public or other specified group or organization. 
   Recycling       Recycling is the removal and remanufacturing of unwanted surplus. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialized, or proprietary service. 
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   North America       Companies are located in the United States, Canada or Mexico. 
   United States Only       Companies are located in the United States. 
   Northeast US Only       Companies are located in the Northeast United States, namely Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. 
   Southern US Only       Companies are located in the Southern United States, namely Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia. 
   Southwest US Only       Companies are located in the Southwest United States, namely Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. 
   Northwest US Only       Companies are located in the Northwest United States, namely Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. 
   Midwest US Only       Companies are located in the Midwest United States, namely Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 
   South / Central America Only       Companies have facilities in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, or Chile; or in Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, etc. 
   Canada Only       Companies are located in Canada. 
   Europe Only       Companies are located in Europe, namely Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, etc. 
   South Asia Only       Companies are located in South Asia, namely India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. 
   Near East Only       Companies are located in the Near East, namely Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. 
   East Asia / Pacific Only       Companies are located in East Asia, namely China, Japan, Taiwan, etc. 
   Other       Other unlisted countries or regions. 
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