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   Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)       Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are mechanical systems designed to move a measuring probe to determine coordinates of points on a work piece surface. CMMs are comprised of four main components: the machine itself, the measuring probe, the control or computing system, and the measuring software. Machines are available in a wide range of sizes and designs with a variety of different probe technologies. 
   Dimensional Gages / Instruments       Dimensional gages and instruments provide quantitative measurements of a product's or component's attributes such as wall thickness, depth, height, length, I.D., O.D., taper or bore. Dimensional gages and instruments encompass:
  • Air or pneumatic gages
  • Bore and ID gages
  • Calipers
  • Digital or electronic gages
  • Custom or OEM gages
  • Depth gages
  • Masters, setting gages and other dimensional standards (Gage blocks, end measuring rods, gaging balls)
  • Gage head or probes
  • Gage sets or measuring tool kits
  • Gaging systems or stations
  • Go / no-go, attribute or functional gages (plugs, rings, snaps, flush-pins)
  • Height gages
  • Indicators and comparators
  • Laser micrometers
  • Mechanical micrometers
  • Micrometer heads
  • Thickness gages
  • Thread or serration gages
  • Specialty and other gages - designed specifically for gear, spring, runout, impeller, form or other special functions
   Eddy Current Instruments       Eddy current instruments are nondestructive devices that induce detectable eddy currents in conductive materials and analyze the response for flaw detection, thickness, weld inspection, conductivity, alloy sorting, heat treat verification and other applications. 
   Hardness Testers       Hardness is a characteristic of a material, not a fundamental physical property. It is defined as the resistance to indentation, and it is determined by measuring the permanent depth or projected area of the indentation. More simply put, when using a fixed force (load) and a given indenter, the smaller the indentation, the harder the material. 
   Magnetic Particle (MPI) Equipment       Instruments and test equipment required to perform magnetic particle inspection (MPI) such as demagnetizers, magnetometers, magnetizer power packs and coil or yoke magnetizers. 
   Materials Testing Equipment       Materials or mechanical testing equipment includes adhesion or bond testers, compressive testers, creep and stress relaxation testers, drop or shock testers, ductility testers, fatigue testers, impact toughness testers, shear testers, tensile testers, and vibration testers. 
   Microscopes / Optical Instruments       Microscopes are instruments that are capable of producing a magnified image of a small object. They are used in many applications in the scientific and industrial arenas. Common applications include manufacturing inspection, high-technology quality control in areas such as semiconductor processing, medical imaging, cell research, and metallurgical analysis. 
   Probes / Styli       Styli, probes and cantilevers are slender rod-shaped stems & contact tips or points used to probe surfaces in conjunction with profilometers, SPMs, CMMs, gages and dimensional scanners. 
   Ultrasonic Instruments       Ultrasonic instruments (UT) are devices that use ultrasonic signals to inspect materials and components. UT inspection techniques can be used, for instance, to detect surface and subsurface flaws or to measure thickness. Beams of high frequency acoustic energy are introduced into the material and subsequently retrieved. Distance calculations are based on the speed of sound through the material being evaluated. The most widely used of all UT techniques is the pulse-echo technique. Flaws are detected and sizes estimated by comparing the amplitude of a reflected echo from an interface (flaw or back surface) with that of a reference interface of known size. 
   Video / Imaging Equipment       Equipment and components for the capture, processing, display and storage of video signals in analog or digital format. 
   X-ray Instruments / Diffractometers       X-ray instruments and x-ray systems use penetrating X-rays or gamma radiation to capture images of the internal structure of a part or finished product. The density and composition of the internal features will alter the intensity or density of these features in the X-ray image. X-ray diffractometers or diffraction instruments are used to measure crystal structure, grain size, texture and/or residual stress of materials and compounds through interaction of the X-ray beam with a sample. The wavelengths of X-Rays are of the same order of magnitude as the distances between atoms or ions in a molecule or crystal (Å, 10-10 m). A crystal diffracts an X-Ray beam passing through it to produce beams at specific angles depending on the X-Ray wavelength, the crystal orientation, and the structure of the crystal. 
   Specialty / Other       Other unlisted, specialized or proprietary inspection instruments or test equipment. 
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   Bench (Off-site)       Bench repair refers to off-site equipment or instrument repair in the service supplier's shop. The test equipment or instruments need to be disconnected and transported to or picked up by the repair shop. 
   Field / On-site       Supplier has personnel and/or equipment for on-site repair work, eliminating the added expense of taking the instrument off line and shipping it. 
   Calibration Service       Calibration services for various test equipment and instruments including evaluating the output or accuracy compared to standards or established values. 
   Calibration Documentation       Documentation or test reports show calibration information such as "as found" and "as left" data, next scheduled calibration, etc. 
   Online Documentation       Supplier has online documentation system to access history, calibration certifications and recalibration notifications. 
   In-house Contract Lab Set-up       Supplier has capabilities and resources for setting up an in-house contract lab - minimizing any downtime or lag in getting instruments quickly calibrated. 
   Installation / Start-up       Supplier has personnel and/or equipment for on-site installation and start-up of new, repaired or replacement equipment or instruments. The supplier may also provide personnel training and test the acceptability of the equipment to the required specifications. 
   OEM / Warranty Authorized Shop       Supplier has personnel and/or equipment that are certified or approved for OEM or warranty repair work. 
   Pick-up and Delivery       Supplier offers pick-up and delivery services to minimize cost and time associated with using in-house personnel. 
   Preventative Maintenance / Service Contracts       Preventative maintenance and service contracts refer to programs for performing proactive maintenance in order to prevent system problems. This is contrasted to troubleshooting, diagnostic or corrective maintenance, which is performed to correct an already existing problem. 
   Rapid Turnaround       Supplier offers quick turnaround on repair services; typically in a few days. 
   Remanufacturing / Complete Rebuild       Supplier has personnel and/or equipment to completely overhaul or rebuild equipment or instruments, which may be an effective alternative for costly or specialized units. 
   Rental / Lease       The supplier can rent or lease equipment to the customer while the necessary tests are being conducted. 
   Replacement / Exchange Program       Supplier has capabilities and resources for exchanging the damaged equipment or instrument with a new or used unit, which can minimize any downtime in the facility or eliminate the need to ship and outsource work. 
   Product Sales - Used / Refurbished       Supplier offers for sale used or refurbished products for the replacement of damaged units. 
   Product Sales - New       Supplier offers for sale new products from the manufacturer for the replacement of damaged units. 
   Spare Parts Inventory       Supplier expedites repairs by carrying an inventory of spare replacement parts or sub-systems in-house, eliminating the added time that ordering and shipping parts would require. 
   Troubleshooting       Troubleshooting refers to diagnostic or corrective maintenance, which is performed to correct an already-existing problem. This is contrasted to preventive maintenance, which refers to performing proactive maintenance in order to prevent system problems. 
   Upgrade Service       Service to upgrade or enhance the performance of an existing product through the addition of an entirely new component or replacement of a component with an improved or updated unit. 
   Specialty / Other       Other unlisted, specialty, or proprietary service. 
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   North America       Companies are located in the United States, Canada or Mexico. 
   United States Only       Companies are located in the United States. 
   Northeast US Only       Companies are located in the Northeast United States, namely Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. 
   Southern US Only       Companies are located in the Southern United States, namely Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington D.C., and West Virginia. 
   Southwest US Only       Companies are located in the Southwest United States, namely Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. 
   Northwest US Only       Companies are located in the Northwest United States, namely Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. 
   Midwest US Only       Companies are located in the Midwest United States, namely Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. 
   Canada Only       Companies are located in Canada. 
   South / Central America Only       Companies have facilities in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, or Chile; or in Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, etc. 
   Europe Only       Companies are located in Europe, namely Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, etc. 
   South Asia Only       Companies are located in South Asia, namely India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc. 
   Near East Only       Companies are located in the Near East, namely Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. 
   East Asia / Pacific Only       Companies are located in East Asia, namely China, Japan, Taiwan, etc. 
   Oceania Only       Companies are located in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and a large group of South Pacific islands that include Micronesia, Polynesia, Guam, Fiji, Tonga, etc.  
   Africa Only       Companies are located in sub-Saharan Africa. 
   Other       Other unlisted country or region. 
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