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   Certification       Certification services providers verify that the company's products, parts, services, process, quality system or procedures comply with or conform to industrial, OEM specific or third party standards. 
   Component / Product Comparison       Company compares the performance of components or products. 
   Consulting / Training       Company offers training and consulting related to testing, inspection, test methods or techniques, regulations, regulatory impact, and/or the registration process. 
   Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting       Failure analysis is the evaluation of a product and product failure to determine the underlying cause of the failure. Failure analysis results are used to correct design flaws. Troubleshooting is diagnostic or corrective maintenance performed to correct an existing problem. This differs from preventive maintenance, which is performed proactively in order to prevent system problems. Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a specialized methodology for analyzing failures. 
   Field Evaluation / On-site Inspection       Company provides field evaluations or on-site inspections at the supplier's facility or at the site of the supplier's activity. 
   First Article / Contract QA       First articles are pre-production or pilot run samples evaluated to assure conformance to the specified standards, procedures and contract requirements. Contract quality assurance (QA) providers sample, inspect, test or evaluate production samples, sites or facilities, processes or procedures.  First article inspection and third party QA services are often requirements for some medical or aerospace production or government contracts. 
   In-process / In-line Testing       Company offers in-process or in-line testing so that products can be tested in functional environments. 
   Proficiency Testing / Interlaboratory       Company provides umpire or proficiency testing services. These evaluations compare the test results of the same sample, which have been tested by different laboratories. Umpire assayers or referee testers compare the two or more other labs results to their own rigorous internal assays or tests. Interlaboratory comparisons, round robins or proficiency testing services are a valuable continuous improvement tool that translates into improved measurement quality. 
   Reverse Engineering / Digitization       Companies have the capability to reverse engineer or digitize parts or products. Reverse engineering is useful in cases where components or parts for a product or equipment are no longer available commercially or in cases where drawings and documentation have been loss.  The parts can be examined and digitized in order to make part drawings. Then, new replacement or duplicate parts can be fabricated for the system. Reverse engineering may include identification materials and processes as well. 
   Test Development       Company develops tests and protocols for custom or proprietary parts and systems. 
   Test Fixtures / Equipment       Company offers design and fabrication services, test fixtures, test equipment, or test facilities for specific applications. 
   Testing / Simulation       Company evaluates existing in-service or newly fabricated products through environmental exposure testing, dynamics testing, nondestructive testing (NDT), visual inspection, chemical analysis, structural material testing or other specialized test methods. 
   Specialty / Other       Other unlisted capabilities. 
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   Forms Tested / Certified       
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   Capital Equipment       Companies evaluate and provide testing, inspection, or related services for large machinery, plant product systems, and capital equipment such as paper mill machines, rolling mills, extruders, semiconductor fab tools and other critical production equipment. 
   Components / Parts       Company evaluates, provides testing or related services at the component or part level. 
   Facilities / Capital Structures       Company evaluates, provides testing, inspection or related services for facilities or buildings, building systems, structures and large production facilities or plants. 
   Products       Company evaluates, provides testing or related services at the finished product level. 
   Samples or Materials       Company evaluates, provides testing or related services for test panels or samples taken from a part, product, or facility; or fabricated to simulate a product sub-system.  
   Services       Company evaluates, assesses and/or monitors the services provided by or processes used at a company. Also, suppliers that inspect, test, or certify the end result produced by the services.  Evaluation of a companies providing cleaning, equipment installation, repair or remanufacturing, surface preparation or testing services would be examples.  Supplier evaluates and/or monitors internal procedures and production processes used within a manufacturing plant. 
   Other       Company provides testing or related services at an unlisted or specialized level or form factor. 
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   Alignment       Companies provide align shafts, pumps, motors, drives, compressors, components, rotating machines, or equipment.  Aligning a new drive or motor's shaft properly to the shaft of a pump or compressor is important assuring no vibrations will occur.  Bearing failure can result when shafts are misaligned. Radial alignment, angular alignment, vertical displacement, horizontal displacement are adjusted through equipment or component positioning with shims, leveling or chocking compounds, surveying instruments, laser alignment tools, and level & plumb checkers.  
   Balancing       Companies balance wheels, shafts, and other rotating machine components.  Imbalance in rotary parts can cause severe vibrations leading to equipment damage and unplanned production shutdowns.  Dynamic and static methods are used to measure and balance machinery components and systems. The actual balancing of shafts, wheels or parts is accomplished by adjusting the distribution of mass through the addition of weights or milling off of material. 
   CMM Inspection       Companies have coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection capability for measuring or capturing dimensions, form and geometry data from parts, assemblies and/or structures. 
   Dimensional Gaging / Metrology       Companies gage dimensional parameters or provide metrology services. Gages or metrology instruments used can include  micrometers, plug gages, ring gages, universal gages, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), profilometers, optical comparators, laser micrometers, depth gages, height gages, go-no go gages and well as other mechanical, optical, pneumatic and electronic gages.  Gaging may be performed on a new component from a production line, prototypes, or for the reverse engineering of components.  These tests can be performed before or after other dynamic or environmental tests. 
   Engineering / Design Verification (DVT)       Companies offer engineering verification, including basic functional testing, parametric measurements, and specification verification. Design verification testing (DVT) is a rigorous process that subjects the product to repeated functional, temperature, shock, vibration, and exception testing. 
   Form / Geometry (Straightness, Roundness, etc.)       Companies inspect, gage and determine part or product geometry attributes such as roundness, straightness, flatness, waviness, squareness, warp, bow, concentricity or other form parameters. 
   NDT / Inspection       Companies offer nondestructive testing (NDT) or inspection services. 
   Surface Profilometry       Companies measure or assess surface profile or metrology parameters such as roughness, surface profiles, roughness, waviness, peak count, peak height, bearing area, bearing ratio and other finish parameters. 
   Visual / Video Inspection       Company provide visual or video inspection of components, products, equipment, pipeline, pressure vessels, weld, process lines, machinery installations, and other applications. 
   Specialty / Other       Other unlisted or specialty services. 
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   Appliances       Company tests commercial appliances. 
   Aerospace / Avionics       Company tests aerospace and avionics products. 
   Automotive       Company tests automotive parts or products such as tires, seals, gaskets, etc. 
   Battery / Energy Products       Company tests energy storage or generation products such as battery parts, fuel cells, photovoltaic power supplies, and generators. 
   Building & Construction       Company tests building and construction components, products, equipment, facilities, buildings, installations, repairs and other services. 
   Combustion Equipment       Company tests gas, oil, and solid fuel-powered equipment. 
   Consumer Products       Companies test consumer products for safety, performance, or reliability. 
   Health Care / Medical       Company tests health care equipment and medical devices. 
   HVAC, Plumbing and Lighting       Company tests test plumbing and lighting fixtures, as well as heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) products or equipment. 
   Industrial / Machinery       Company tests general industrial equipment and machinery. 
   Instrument & Sensors / Laboratory       Company tests instruments, sensors and laboratory equipment. 
   Materials       Company tests the strengths and qualities of materials. 
   Motors and Control Systems       Company tests motors, motor drives, motion controllers and control systems. 
   Nuclear / Utility       Company tests parts, products, capital equipment or facilities used in the nuclear or utility industries. 
   Paper / Plastic Packaging       Company tests paper or plastic packaging products. 
   Piping / Pressure Vessels       Company inspects, tests or evaluates piping, tubing, pressure vessels, reactors, boilers, and other pressurized components and systems. 
   Power Generation       Companies tests or evaluates the safety, energy efficiency and performance of engine generators, solar power systems, fuel cells, and other power generators. 
   RF & Wireless / IT & Telecom       Company tests radio frequency (RF) and wireless products, or information technology (IT) and telecommunications equipment. 
   Rubber / Latex       Company tests rubber products. 
   Microelectronics / Electronics       Microelectronics or semiconductor testing includes evaluation of semiconductor wafers, packaged dies or integrated circuits (ICs). Electronics testing includes evaluation of electronic assemblies, passive devices, printed circuit boards (PCBs), power electronics modules, commercial audio/visual (AV) devices and other specialty electronic products. 
   Semiconductor / IC Packages       Semiconductor, microelectronic and IC package testing includes testing at the wafer, die or packaged IC level.  Semiconductor and IC package testing suppliers often provide wafer sort and packaging services in addition to component evaluation. In the packaging process, fabricated wafers are cut into dies and then "packaged" in a lead frame or other system, which protects the chip and allows interconnection to the electronic circuit on the PCB, module or product. Wafer sort is wafer level testing where the individual dies are tested for defects and then marked before the packaging process. Defective dies are rejected, which avoids unnecessary packaging costs. After the packaging and interconnect is complete, the packaged device may be put through additional functional or burn-in testing often using automated test equipment (ATE). 
   Valves / Pumps       Company tests valves or pumps. 
   Welding & Fabrication       Company tests welded and fabricated part, products, assemblies and equipment. 
   Specialty / Other       Other unlisted industry applications. 
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