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   Male / Plug       Male connectors or plugs are often referred to as header or free connectors. In coaxial RF connectors, the plug is normally the movable portion and is usually attached to a cable or removable sub-assembly. In shell-type, multiple-contact connectors, the plug usually contains the socket contacts and is mounted on the "hot" (rack) side of the system. Plugs mate with receptacles, jacks, outlets, etc. 
   Female / Jack       Female connectors or jacks are connecting devices into which plugs are inserted to make circuit connections. 
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Performance The maximum current or maximum voltage defined by an approval organization may differ from the supplier's maximums. In many cases, the product can be used safely at an unapproved level. Check with the supplier for specific usage details.
   Number of Contacts       The number of contacts is the number of conductive elements that mate with a corresponding element to provide an electrical path. 
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