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Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Rotary Encoders: What They Are and How They Work

Rotary encoders are electromechanical devices that detect an axle’s absolute or relative rotational position. The resolution of the encoder determines the minimum detectable angular displacement. (read more)


Get an inside look at Advanced Assembly's facilities and learn what makes us different than any other assembly shop you may have worked with in the past. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - 3 Benefits of Prototyping Before PCB Production

The advantage of PCB prototyping is clear: greater speed and efficiency in manufacturing await. You can fully leverage this benefit by working with a PCB assembler whose services offer personalized and cost-effective turnaround experiences. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Take the Guesswork Out of PCB Production

A new set of eyes on your PCB design is surely a beneficial perk, as prototyping takes the guesswork right out of the production process. Manufacturing review and assistance can break down a complex design and find possible mistakes or overlooked blind spots. On that account, they can spot areas for improvement and make suggestions even before creating a prototype. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Choosing the Right IC Packaging

Printed circuit boards are intricately layered sandwich structures. Within these complex boards of electronic components and pathways lies ICs. IC packaging—aka integrated circuit packaging—refers directly to the material that contains a semiconductor device. This critical casing surrounds the circuit material on a PCB as protection against physical damage or corrosion. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - What Happens if a PCB Is Warped?

While PCBs undergo the manufacturing process, there is one factor technicians must watch out for: warpage (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - The seven most common types of PCB colors

One may think that color choice doesn’t matter much for the printed circuit board industry, but that assumption wouldn’t be correct. PCBs strategically utilize color as a form of identification and security. For any printed circuit board, color is one of the most critical design decisions to be made. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - PCB Quality Issues

The design of a PCB and its manufacturing quality has a direct correlation with how well the board can be assembled. Sometimes getting the least expensive price per board may end up costing more in ruined boards and reputation with customers. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Printed Circuit Board Inspection

This free printed circuit board inspection process prevents costly delays, ultimately reducing circuit board assembly time by a full week, on average. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - How First Article PCB Manufacturing Process Works

To ensure perfect operational functionality straight out of the box, Advanced Assembly’s unique First Article Service lets engineers test their design before their full run. This method of low volume circuit board assembly is a perfect way to ensure all possibilities are accounted for before you move forward with full assembly. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Turnkey PCB Assembly


It takes the average engineer 15 hours to find and order parts for a typical PCBA order.
Do you have that kind of time?
(read more)


We are here to help accelerate your next great idea. Get a quote today and see why thousands of engineers trust us with their PCB projects. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Overcome part shortages and keep projects on track

Check Part Availability with Advanced Assembly's BOM Analyzer
To overcome part shortages and keep projects on track, it’s important to verify components are available before finalizing your design. Our free BOM Analysis tool analyzes your current BOM in real time. Try it now. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Beast my Board!

Engineers are a competitive bunch. They keep trying to make their designs faster, cheaper, faster, lighter, faster, stronger, and of course faster. But it’s hard to keep track of all the best design practices. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - A Look at Electroplating

To reduce the chance of failure of your SMT design during assembly, avoid HASL and use an assembly shop that uses jet-paste printers. (read more)


Advanced Assembly has an incredible operational capacity and nearly limitless flexibility, so we know that we can get your project done fast. Our production facility utilizes the latest technology and equipment, and we always keep tabs on industry trends and customer demands (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - 3 Ways To Avoid Printed Circuit Board Quote Delays

Printed circuit boards—aka PCBs—are the building blocks behind complex electronic component functionality. The rising demand for fresh technological innovation calls for advancements in PCB layout and manufacturing. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Mark Voids a Warranty! - Live most Fridays at Noon

Mark Hughes takes apart old electronics that have failed and gives tips on how to improve upon the design. Don't worry if you can't catch him live, we have all episodes saved, ready to binge. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Aerospace Wiring Tips

There are steps you can take to mitigate disasters before they happen. Keep asking yourself “what happens if this fails in the worst imaginable way?” and take steps to correct them. Disasters don’t “just happen” they are the result of a long failure chain that begins with schematic design and ends with funerals, and nobody wants that on their conscience. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Advanced Assembly’s unique First Article Service

It’s just one more way that we make sure our customers’ boards are working right the very first time. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Ball Grid Array components giving you headaches?

Check out Advanced Assembly’s guide to BGAs. Also, take your research a step further and read through the resource on component placement in the age of automation! (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - The original quick-turn PCB assembly Experts

Working with a PCB partner should not be a hassle. When you need your PCB projects done right and fast, choose Advanced Assembly. Check out our guide to choosing the right PCB assembly partner. Visit our website and get your project quoted today! (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Are you designing PCBS for Space?

(read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Test Your Design First

To ensure perfect operational functionality straight out of the box, Advanced Assembly’s unique First Article Service lets engineers test their design before their full run. This method of low volume circuit board assembly is a perfect way to ensure all possibilities are accounted for before you move forward with full assembly. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Improve the Solderability of Your Next Design

Get solutions in this nine-page guide from PCB assembly expert, Advanced Assembly. Learn exactly what is solder thieving and how it happens. Plus, get solutions for how to combat it in this complimentary article from Advanced Assembly. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Understand the Ins and Outs of Solder Thieving.
  • What Exactly Happens
  • How it Happens (What Causes It)
  • What that Means for Your PCB's Future
  • and Solutions for How to Combat it
(read more)
Advanced Assembly, LLC. - The Ins and Outs of Solder Thievings

Our circuit board assembly services use cutting-edge technology to save our customers time and money, taking the fear and headache out of PCB assembly. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Don't Let This Nightmare Become Your Reality

Learn the real costs of quality. In this webinar, Advanced Assembly exposes the hidden and not-so-hidden costs behind quality programs in PCB manufacturing. Find out what's behind a quality assurance program and the questions you need to ask your PCB shop to make sure your boards are manufactured correctly the first time. (read more)

Advanced Assembly, LLC. - Need PCB assembly FAST?

Here at Advanced Assembly, we offer a variety of turn times on protos, including “miracle” 1-day turns. Whether you’re looking for a quick-turn prototype or a large-scale production, we work closely with engineers, procurement specialists, and designers to ensure their boards work perfectly right out of the box. (read more)