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Edgetech Instruments Inc. - American made drop-in replacement hygrometer

For quick delivery and fast recertification turnaround, try the American made, rackmount DewMaster precision hygrometer with stainless steel X3F sensor.

The DewMaster is known for its high value and performance. In rackmount configuration with its corrosion resistant, chilled mirror sensor remotely mounted on a connecting cable, it is a drop-in replacement for products by other ma... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Benchtop NIST traceable dewpoint hygrometer

This newly reconfigured DewMaster hygrometer is ergonomically designed for ease of use on a benchtop. All the DewMaster features remain including high precision and measurement to -95°C frostpoint. The DewMaster is a laboratory grade, high precision, field proven instrument with multiple available sensor configurations and wide applicability to fit all budgets. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - DewTrace chilled mirror hygrometer has fast sensor

The DewTrace is a high precision, bench top, laboratory standard dew/frost point hygrometer capable of measuring very low frost points using the primary method chilled mirror measurement technique. It incorporates novel ice nucleation technology to reach low frost points in minutes, giving it superior performance over a wide dynamic range from ambient to trace moisture concentration leve... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Critical Dew/Frost Point Measurement Applications

Accurate Dew/Frost Point Measurement is Assured for Critical Systems with Edgetech Instruments' DewMaster and PDM75-X3 Primary Method Chilled Mirror Hygrometers (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Wide Range X3 Dew/Frost Point Moisture Sensor

The X3 chilled mirror dew/frost point sensor is chemically resistant with technology advancements for demanding process and laboratory applications. It is available in multiple configurations to accurately measure a very wide dew/frost point range even in aggressive background gases, without auxiliary cooling. The X3 sensor can be used with a variety of Edgetech Instruments' precision hy... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - The DX Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Sensor

Continuous innovation, the Edgetech Instruments DX, a high performance primary method chilled mirror direct insertion dew/frost point sensor with an integral PRT temperature sensor, wider operating range and high temperature stability. The DX sensor can be inserted into the process stream or used to monitor the local environment (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - A High Precision Dew/Frost Point Hygrometer

Featuring Flow-Through, Insertion and Chemically Resistant Chilled Mirror Sensors, the Edgetech Instruments DewMaster is a fast, multi-function, high precision chilled mirror hygrometer for continuously monitoring the dew/frost point temperature, parts per million water vapor by volume or percent relative humidity in gas streams. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - DewTrak II Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Transmitter

The Edgetech Instruments DewTrak II dew/frost point/humidity transmitter is a precision chilled mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content in gases. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - NIST Traceable Wide Range Moisture Analyzers

The DewMaster fixed location and PDM75-X3 portable moisture analyzers are now available with the high performance X3 chilled mirror moisture sensor. These NIST traceable primary method chilled mirror moisture analyzers accurately measure ambient to trace moisture levels with no drift or ill effects. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Model 1500 Field Portable Dewpoint Hygrometer

The Model 1500 drift-free, low maintenance hygrometer features high durability, NIST traceability and ease of use. Highly regarded by calibration technicians and manufacturing personnel for its wide range, quick dry down and fast response, this self-contained portable hygrometer accurately and reliably measures moisture content in gases, with the battery life and ruggedness required for... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Portable Relative Humidity Calibrator Chamber

The highly accurate yet economical RH CAL is a portable, microprocessor based, programmable humidity calibration system and humidity chamber used in metrology labs, calibration labs, and product/material testing labs. Easy to use - simply dial in the desired RH and temperature and the unit automatically creates the conditions within a controlled mini-chamber. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - DewTech 390 Precision Low Dew Point Hygrometer

The Edgetech Instruments DewTech 390 is a precision, laboratory grade hygrometer system for measurement of an extremely wide range of dew/frost points in a variety of gases. Based on the primary method chilled mirror sensor technique, it assures highly accurate measurement of dew or frost point temperature to as low as –90°C frost point and as high as +20°C dew point. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - PPM1 Trace Moisture Analyzer

The Edgetech Instruments Model PPM1 is a trace moisture analyzer designed specifically for monitoring moisture levels in dew/frost point and PPM units. This trace moisture analyzer utilizes an electro-chemical (P205) sensor in combination with a proprietary semi-permeable diffusion membrane. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Detect upset conditions in compressed air systems

The Edgetech Instruments SENTRY is a compressed air monitor and alarm system that senses both dew/frost point and pressure in industrial compressed air systems and activates two alarm functions giving visible and audible indications if either parameter goes out of user configurable limits. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - High Precision, Low Dew/Frost Point Hygrometer

The DewTech 390 Precision Hygrometer now is available in a 19 inch rack mount configuration. Like the standard Bench Top Model, the rack mount offers the same measurement of extremely low dew/frost point (down to -90°C) for a variety of background gases at a very attractive price. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - User Friendly Hygrometer for Engine Test

User friendly DewMaster is a fast, multi-function, precision chilled mirror hygrometer for continuous monitoring dewpoint in engine test cells. Commonly installed onto Instrument Carts for measuring the dewpoint of air intake and exhaust streams, it features an Easy Access Sensor, automatic startup, auto-balance, self-diagnostics, analog outputs, serial interface, and alarms. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - DPS3 High Performance, High Temperature Hygrometer

The Model DPS3 is a heated dew/frost point hygrometer that can measure dew points up to 95°C (203°F) and as low as -35°C (-31°F) in demanding industrial applications. It is ideal for for measuring the dew/frost point or moisture in furnaces, heat treat systems, fuel cells, chemical reactors, fluidized beds, centrifuges, Getters, glass plants, RTP, and heated MAP sy... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Com.Air Dew Point Monitor - Compressed Air Systems

The Com.Air dew/frost point monitor offers the highest level of reliability and accuracy available in compressed air system, dew/frost point measurement. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - PDM75-X3 Portable, Industrial Duty Hygrometer

A portable dew/frost point hygrometer that integrates the accuracy and reliability of the newest Edgetech Instruments chilled mirror sensor with the convenience and ruggedness required for field use. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Compressed Air Dew/Frost Point and Pressure Alarm

The SENTRY alarm module detects low pressure or high dew/frost point conditions in compressed air or inert gas systems. The SENTRY consists of a display control module with audible and visible alarms, and a SMART, Multi-Sense Probe. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Drift-Free Alternative Dew/Frost Point Monitor

Drift Free Alternative Dew/Frost Point Monitor for Compliance with the NFPA 99 Level 1 and Level 2 Standard for Medical Air. (read more)


Chilled Mirror Hygrometer for Motor Octane Testing (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Model 200M Meteorological Humidity System

The Model 200M is a complete instrument for the measurement of atmospheric dew/frost point, ambient temperature, percent relative humidity, or other psychrometric variables. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - PPM1 Moisture Analyzer For Blanketing Gas

Edgetech Instruments Inc. Moisture Analyzers Assist Innovative Liquid Metal Battery Maker Ambri Inc. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Accuracy is assured with Edgetech Instruments

Don't take a chance with accuracy, call the calibration experts at Edgetech Instruments today! (read more)