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Habasit America - T04/Amber Harlequin

T04/Amber Harlequin adds a chocolate cooling belt to Habasit America’s impressive lineup of TPU food conveyor and processing belts. Designed to emboss a harlequin pattern on cooling chocolate, Habasit’s T04/Amber Harlequin food belt withstands high temperatures and abrasive scraper cleaning.

The T04/Amber Harlequin belt features the following:

  • Good...
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Habasit America - SM605 Saniclip 0.5”

This new half-inch addition to the Habasit Saniclip line continues the same fast, easy belt removal of other models. The E05 Saniclip module is compatible with the SM605 Smooth Mesh belt and the CM605 Curved Mesh belt. Habasit Saniclip plugs and rods can be quickly extracted and reinstalled by line operators without tools to enhance sanitation procedures.

Key Features

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Habasit America - M3398 Radius Flush Grid Curved Top 1.3”

The M3398 is a new flush grid curved-top modular belt featuring a unique 1.3” (33 mm) pitch – highly suitable as a spiral proofer belt and for freezer conveyor applications. It's easy to clean with good product release for high product quality with minimal scrap.

About the M3398 belt

  • Suitability for radius and straight conveying
  • No dead pla...
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Habasit America - Habasit Premium TPU Food Belts

The hard-working belts of food and packaging industries

Habasit TPU-coated fabric belts are widely used in food processing and packaging industries due to their versatile properties. Characterized by high abrasion resistance, the compound helps to keep the belt surface smooth and easy to clean for longer. This also results in the belt maintaining very good release propertie... (read more)

Habasit America - Saniclip Available for M5060 2" module

The M5060 Saniclip module continues the success of its smaller predecessors, offering higher strength and impact resistance in a 2" pitch. The increased module size allows for suitability in an expanded range of applications, where efficient rod installation and removal create value by reducing maintenance labor and accelerating sanitation procedures.

Key features include:

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Habasit America - Oil Containment Belt W100OF-OE

Oil containment belts require lasting durability and high visibility. Engineered with a new
interwoven carcass, the W100OF-OE delivers renewed lateral strength to resist punctures
and tears during installation and against the destructive forces of waves. The US Navy, who
controls specifications for oil containment belts in the US, has approved this belt for use. (read more)

Habasit America - Quick-release chain link HabaCHAIN® C1201AB

Traditional chain designs involve laborious pin removal procedures—typically by hammer and punch—which prolong maintenance efforts and create safety issues, such as hand injuries. To accelerate pin removal and protect personnel, Habasit developed the HabaCHAIN® C1201AB quick-release chain link, serving applications where speedier maintenance results in added emphas... (read more)

Habasit America - Premium Food Belts Waffle Top for Incline/Decline

Recommended for incline and decline conveying, the FMW-6EZCH-P1 and FMW-6EZWH-P1 sport a waffle top structured surface in the form of an inverted diamond pattern, which enhances both grip and release properties while eliminating the vacuum effect. Main applications include biscuit and crackers, chocolate, frozen food, red meat, and poultry. (read more)

Habasit America - M0863 Cone Top 0.3” Precision-hold Micropitch belt

The M0863 Micropitch Cone Top 0.3” modular belt is designed for applications requiring tight transfers and a precision hold of the product. Engineered to reduce product slippage, the M0863 features a high-density cone arrangement to hold product firmly and reliably in place. Chiefly used in wet food cutting machines, the M0863 greatly improves cutting precision. (read more)

Habasit America - M2520 GripTop 1" High-temp Module

The M2520 GripTop 1" High Temperature module is a specialty variant featuring a grip material with the highest available temperature resistance in the market. Used in high-temp product applications, such as bakery pan or hot metal sheet handling, the M2520 HT resists heat and friction-related melting and debris that can cause downtime and pose contamination risks. (read more)

Habasit America - Timing Belt Profile Attachments - HabaSYNC

When conveying needs must be synchronized and the product moved needs to be controlled, mechanical profiles added to HabaSYNC timing belt may be the answer. (read more)

Habasit America - Positive Synchronization with HabaSYNC®

HabaSYNC® timing belts offer positive synchronization that yields low noise and vibration. (read more)

Habasit America - When Precise Positioning is Required

HabaSYNC belts are generally used in applications where exact product placement and precise component positioning is required. Synchronization is achieved by meshing the belt teeth into a matching similar-pitch pulley. Our timing belts are available in imperial and metric pitches. (read more)

Habasit America - From lightweight fabric belts to plastic modular

Our traditional belts have won an excellent reputation at major airports, distribution centers and supermarket around the world. Countless conveyors equipped with Habasit products support logistics and manufacturing processes in a wide variety of industries. (read more)

Habasit America - New WVT-225 Non-Fraying Cleanline TPO Belt

The WVT-225 belt is the latest from Habasit, delivering powerful features for versatile applications. This product boasts the Habasit Cleanline TPO cover and a frayless fabric construction. (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit's new M1065 Flat Top .5 HyCLEAN Belt

The Habasit HyCLEAN line is now available in 0.5" pitch with the addition of the M1065 Flat Top belt (read more)

Habasit America - Steel Based Timing Belts- Food Grade HabaSYNC®

We've added two new stainless steel-based belts to our HabaSYNC line of timing belt products (read more)

Habasit America - 75mm MTW Flight for M2540 Radius Flush Grid Belts

Habasit's new mold-to-width (MTW) 75mm tall flight is designed to provide increased incline conveyor capacity and lower lost product due to flight gaps. (read more)

Habasit America - Enhanced Conductivity Elastic Machine Tape

The tapes's outstanding anti-static properties make it particularly suitable for sorting plastic-wrapped forms and brochures (read more)

Habasit America - 2 New Stainless Steel-based Timing Belts

We've added two new stainless steel-based belts to our HabaSYNC line of timing belt products (read more)

Habasit America - New Elastic Cross Apron Belt: MNM-06HXT

The MNM-06HXT consists of a specially designed thermoplastic material that combines elasticity, outstanding flex-fatigue properties, and consistent grip with high abrasion resistance and excellent dimensional stability. (read more)

Habasit America - New Abrasion Resistant Rubber Blend Belt Cover

The new A08 (tan) and C08 (green) natural rubber compound is the ideal extension to our standard range of rubber covers for GRABBER belts (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit BTM-1 Tension Meters now available

The new Habasit BTM-1 Tension Meter is the easy, portable way to ensure your belts are operating in optimal condition (read more)

Habasit America - GK3CP 2DPU/1DPU Steel Wrapper or Coil Winder Belt

GK3CP 2DPU/1DPU is a high-performance solution for steel wrapper or coil winder applications in the metal industry where belt longevity keeps your downtime to a minimum (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit Soft Separator Belt, Reinforced

Habasit soft separator belt, reinforced for lasting performance - Our separator belt's aggressive profile structure promotes high yields while durable reinforced urethane reduces belt stretch for longer belt life (read more)

Habasit America - Portable, easy-to-use PQ-1803 Cleandrive Press

The new Cleandrive© PQ-1803 press is designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use. It is portable, does not use water for cooling, and has no exposed hot surfaces. (read more)

Habasit America - HabaSYNC® Stainless Steel Timing Belt

Habasit introduces a new stainless steel timing belt to it's HabaSYNC line of products (read more)

Habasit America - HabaSYNC® Timing Belt RPP8-S-01, Parabolic Tooth

The new HabaSYNC® RPP8-S-01 timing belt has a parabolic tooth shape which offers smooth tooth engagement with pulleys to decrease friction. (read more)

Habasit America - PVC-based Belt for Dough Sheeter Applications

The new FNT-5EEWE belt is specifically designed to fill a gap in the craft and semi-industrial sector of the bakery industry. (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit Cleandrive Positive Drive Belts

Habasit Cleandrive positive drive belts reduce the risk of contamination due to product waste and residues in gaps, hinges and dead spots. (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit Cleanline Generation II Conveyor Belts

The new generation of Habasit Cleanline conveyor and processing belts adds improved wear resistance of the surface coating against abrasive food stuffs, while maintaining the well-proven properties of Habasit Cleanline conveyor belts. (read more)

Habasit America - Reduce slider bed maintenance with DuraSurf

DuraSurf™ STS is a UHMW product that ships in a continuous roll. This innovative, ultra low-friction product can reduce energy consumption, protect slider beds, and extend belt life.

The package handling industry, specifically baggage transport, is incredibly abrasive. Heavy conveyed materials and belt lacing cause continuous high-friction contact on sidewalls and slider bed... (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit Now Offering Quality Rotary Molder Belts

Habasit can now offer quality rotary molder belts, backed by dedicated personnel and state of the art processes that ensure product quality and ongoing innovation. (read more)

Habasit America - HabaSYNC® timing belt: High Friction Covers

Where synchronization and high friction grab is essential, Habasit offers a range of smooth and impression covers that can be added to HabaSYNC® timing belts to deliver the results you need. A choice of thermoplastic or rubber covers can be added to assist in horizontal or incline applications for single or multiple belt strand designs. (read more)

Habasit America - Habiblue Thermoplastic Round Belt

Habasit America introduces the Habiblue thermoplastic round belt for food applications. Common industries where Habiblue can be used include meat, cheese, pastries and crackers. (read more)

Habasit America - Food grade TPU covers for timing belts

When synchronization is important for food related product handling, Habasit offers a range of smooth and impression FDA covers that can be added to HabaSYNC® timing belts to deliver the results you need. A broad range of TPU cover options can assist in horizontal or incline applications for single or multiple belt strand designs. (read more)

Habasit America - Low Profile Conveyor Belts

New WVT Series conveyor belts uniquely designed to optimize the performance of low profile conveyors and short transfer distances. Will help decrease maintenance time and cost due to repairs caused by belt performance problems related to insufficient lateral stiffness. (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit for the Beverage Industry
  • De-palletizing
  • Filling stations
  • Pasteurizing
  • Cooling, drying, warming
  • Single filer
  • Shrink packaging
  • Inspection
  • Case, tray and crate handling
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Habasit America - PQ-603 Cleandrive™ Joining Press Coming Soon

The PQ-603 Cleandrive joining press is designed to offer a solution for quick, easy and safe on site installations of Habasit Cleandrive™ belts. (read more)

Habasit America - Covered timing belts

Covered timing belts are used in various applications and feature the following attributes:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Compressibility
  • Electrostatic discharge – antistatic features
  • Excellent release properties
  • Gentle movement
  • Heat resistance
  • High or low coefficient of friction
  • Shock absorption
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Habasit America - Food-approved TPU round belts

Habiblue food-approved TPU round belts are ideal for conveying and processing where there is direct contact with foodstuffs. (read more)

Habasit America - Reduce your Running Cost!

Habasit Eff-Line belts allow our customers to reduce running cost not only by saving up to 45% energy but also through longer belt lifetime and fewer belt replacements (read more)

Habasit America - Power Transmission Belt Design

The power transmission flat belt can be used in many forms of power transmission. Basically it is known as a two pulley drive (open drive), consisting of a driving pulley, a driven pulley and the belt. However, the flat belt can be used in a great number of design variations. (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit Cleanline Generation II

The new generation of Habasit Cleanline conveyor and processing belts adds improved wear resistance of the surface coating against abrasive food stuffs, while maintaining the well-proven properties of Habasit Cleanline conveyor belts. (read more)

Habasit America - Habasit Power Transmission Belts

Habasit power transmission belts are tailor-made to suit specific industry and application needs or machine designs. We offer three different traction layer materials, used by three different belt concepts, for open drive, tangential drive, multiple pulley drive, live roller drive, and double-sided power transmission. (read more)

Habasit America - HabaCHAIN® Flexi 7100HA Conveyor System Chain

HabaCHAIN Flexi 7100HA for Conveyor layouts requiring tight turns:

  • Radius running conveyor system plastic chain
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Openings for cleaning with compressed air
  • Capable to run on corner discs

Pin material: stainless steel

  • Standard packaging: 3.048 m = 10ft
  • The weight specif...
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Habasit America - Conveyor Belts for Tire Manufacturing

For tire building, cooling and handling, Habasit offers a specific range of conveyor and processing belts. These deliver excellent temperature and chemical resistance, combined with superior release properties and abrasion resistance. We provide tailor-made belting solutions for the rubber and tire manufacturing industries that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. (read more)

Habasit America - Guides for Belts and Chains

Wear strips and guides complement modular belts, conveyor chains and timing belts in order to improve performance, and to reduce maintenance of roller chains, V-belts, and flat and round belts.

Key features:
• Guides ensure roller chains, timing belts, flat belts, round belts and V-belts run smoothly
• Guides ensure plastic chains track properly on straight and... (read more)

News articles and press releases for Habasit America:


The new S-200HRN polyamide power transmission belt is particularly suitable as driving belt for medium performance OE-spinning and carding applications. It perfectly combines robustness, long belt life, high performance and excellent life-cycle costs.


The DS-8 is particularly suitable as a driving belt for medium- and high-end spinning machines with spindle speeds above 18,000 rpm. It perfectly combines long belt life, high performance, and best-in-class lifecycle costs.


After 18 years since the joint venture between the Habasit Holding AG and Iakoka Syntrans, we now announce the complete take-over of the Indo-Swiss company Habasit-Iakoka in Coimbatore, India.


Habasit has a product line of machine tapes and round belts that can be spliced on your equipment within five minutes without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals or adhesives.


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George Rizza joins Habasit America as President of the Gearmotor Division.


Updated HabaSYNC timing belt brochure is now available.


Habasit America, the worldwide leader in the conveyor belt manufacturing industry, held the official ribbon cutting ceremony for their new 340,000 sq ft North American headquarters on April 21.


The SeleCalc engineering programs are a unique family of belt selection aids and calculation programs created by the Habasit application engineer team.

07/28/2008 is the newest web-based application support tool from Habasit. In short, BeltDesk is a collection of documents relating practical experience in lightweight conveyor belting and power transmission applications.

New Sample Cards 07/28/2008

Habasit has new sample cards! These new cards are a representation of the products we offer by industry and product type.