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Industrial Flow Solutions - Product Expansion - Perfecta by BJM Pumps

Perfecta Series by BJM Pumps has expanded its product offering. Now available in 1ph and 3ph operations. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Factors to Consider for Managing Wort in a Brewery

When designing a brewery, waste management is often an afterthought. Selecting the proper equipment, from cooling systems to fermentation vessels, is no easy task. Taking time to carefully consider a proper brewery waste management system upfront, is a crucial step in managing wort and producing beer – trust us, this will pay off in the long run. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Power Generation & Utilities Solutions

Explosion proof pumps and dewatering slurry pumps ensure the lights stay on (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Municipal Water & Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater shredding pumps keep municipalities unclogged (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Dreno Pompe - Pumps for Civil Use

Dreno Pompe offers a wide range of pumps for civil use such as: hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, airports, sports facilities, offices, schools and for urban wastewater drainage. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Solutions for Secondary Oil Containment

Early detection of an oil spill is critical to preventing harmful pollution and environmental contamination. Secondary Oil Containment solutions must be designed to provide immediate detection of an oil spill to avoid the threat of chemical exposure. Learn how Oil Minder solves these problems! (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - DIPCut Impeller

DIPCut Impeller comes optional on the OverWatch Direct In-Line Pump System. This is the only patented variable vane impeller that maximizes both pumping and shredding (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - RAD-AX®: Overcoming Wastewater Clogging Issues

Learn how the BJM Pumps RAD-AX® submersible pump overcomes the major problems for wasterwater treatment plans due to the prlifersation of handy wipes, baby wipes, and other high-tensile strength fibrous materails marked as "flushable". (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - OverWatch- Direct In-Line Pumping

The OverWatch Series of Direct In-Line Pumps eliminates the possible dangers and difficulties associated with wet well installations. Our system is designed to decrease backups and blockages which may lead to environmental and safety risks. OverWatch also utilizes patented technology to keep a careful watch on the system, so you don’t have to. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - DERAGGER Intelligent Efficiency

Clearwater is a provider of intelligent pump-monitoring and anti-ragging solutions for wastewater pumping applications. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - IFS Announces Agreement with SIDE Industrie

Global fluid management solutions provider Industrial Flow Solutions, based in New Haven, Conn., USA, announced today the agreement to assume the global commercial and execution rights for the DIP Systeme from SIDE Industrie based in Villemer, France, further building on the partnership established in 2019 between both organizations. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Industrial Flow Solutions™ Acquires Dreno Pompe

Industrial Flow Solutions™, a Global Fluid Management Solutions Provider, Announces Deal to Acquire Dreno Pompe, a Designer and Manufacturer of Wastewater Applications (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - IFS Announces Deal to Acquire Clearwater Controls

IFS is proud to announce the acquisition of Clearwater Controls, a Scotland based manufacturer of intelligent deragging systems and advanced monitoring technology to optimize and manage entire water networks. IFS plans to grow IoT solutions for wastewater network management and increase the demand for the industry-leading DERAGGER™+ line of intelligent deragging control systems. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - IFS Virtual Tour

IFS in 360 Degrees: Take a tour of our New Haven, CT plant right from your seat! No travel required. IFS opens our doors to you ... virtually! (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Stancor® Traction Minder™

Traction Minder™ creates newfound ease when ensuring the right components are specified to meet application and code requirements for traction elevators. Selections can now be completed with an increased level of confidence that field-proven components, from a single, trusted source, will create the right balance between functionality and cost in a life/safety application. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - BJM Pumps® KZN Series

BJM Pumps® KZN pumps are among our most popular pumps as they are engineered specifically for the tough applications. KZN series pumps are the top choice for the most difficult sand, sludge, and slurry pumping applications. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Stancor Oil Minder® - Customized Pump Controls

Oil Minder® is the industry standard in both transformer vaults and hydraulic elevators for managing water and oil in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Sand, Sludge, & Slurry Pumps from IFS

Industrial Flow Solutions offers a wide variety of pumps for Sand, Sludge, and Slurry applications through BJM Pumps and Stancor Pumps (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - IFS Completes Consolidation

IFS is excited to announce the consolidation of our 3 CT-based facilities into 1 state of the art manufacturing facility in New Haven, CT. The relocation offers 50% more space enabling expansion of our employee workforce, in-house testing capabilities, new lab equipment and technology – with room for continued growth! (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Stancor Well Casing Pump

Stancor slim line, or Well Casing Pumps, fit in 8-inch or 12-inch casings and are used in narrow applications within Excavation, Construction and Mining applications. The pumps, which come standard with 100 feet of cable to extend down wells, can also feature High Chrome impellers for additional protection in abrasive environments. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - RX Series Portable Top Discharge Pumps

Our X Series 316SS pumps minimize your downtime to reduce or eliminate project delays and repair/replacement costs. Avoid environmental penalties that result from failed corroded cast iron pumps. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Heavy Duty Dewatering/ Light Slurry Agitator Pumps

Maximize your production and uptime with BJM’s KB Series heavy duty dewatering/light slurry pumps. Able to handle tough silt, sand or coal fines, these pumps are a great solution for dewatering settling basins, retention ponds, wash sumps, and more. For more information, visit or call 860-631-3618. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Customized Control Panels

Pumping systems must control several variables to maximize performance. Customized controls can implement VFDs, booster pumps and transducers for maximum system efficiency. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - MSHA-Approved Hard Metal Agitator Slurry Pumps

HAZ Series pumps are the first permissible slurry pumps with an agitator. They are designed and constructed for abrasive coal slurries. These pumps resist abrasive wear that causes a loss of pump performance. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - BJM Pumps® LWA® Series

BJM Pumps’ LWA® Series pumps are tough and durable. They are designed and constructed for dewatering sand, silt, coal fines and abrasive light slurries. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - BJM Pumps® KZE Series

High capacity, hard metal submersible slurry pumps with agitator is the choice of industries that face the most difficult pumping. Used in mining & coal mining, mineral processing, sand & gravel, steel production, lime slurry-fly ash, hydraulic fracturing, slurry transport, drilling operations - drilling mud. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Stancor® Specialty Materials Pumps

Stancor® offers pumps in a variety of specialty materials to combat extreme pH levels and difficult contaminants. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - BJM Pumps Explosion Proof Pumps

BJM Pumps offers a range of explosion proof pumps that meet NFPA (70), NEC and OSHA requirements. From slurry to solids handling, we have an amazing selection of explosion proof pumps, that will keep your team safe (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Perfecta® - Corrosive Resistant Pumps

The only electric submersible pump motor encapsulated in NORYL®, the Perfecta® series sump pumps is perfect for pumping contaminated, dirty water and corrosive liquids. Quick set-up and chemical transfer. Virtually unbreakable, compact and lightweight, just 13.5 lbs. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - MSHA Mine Dewatering Submersible Pumps



The BJM Pumps line of high temperature pumps are constructed to handle water temperatures up to 200°F (93°C) - unique to the inudstry. These high temperature pumps are durable and reliable to keep your production running, even in 24/7 continuous duty. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - 5 Reasons To Specify Oil Minder®

Environmentally friendly way to MANAGE water and oily liquids/hydrocarbons (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Heavy Duty High Head Dewatering Pumps

High head dewatering pumps to remove ground water from a deep excavation. This dual stage impeller pump offers greater head. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - OverWatch - Direct In-Line Pumping System

Significantly minimize environmental and safety risks, exposure to dangerous gases and hazards associated with confined spaces – all while reducing total cost of ownership for your sewar/wastewater system up to 65%. OverWatch, a direct inline pump system utilizing patented technology to decrease backups and blockages and eliminating retained volumes of effluent. (read more)

Industrial Flow Solutions - Stancor Solids Handling Pumps

Pumping liquids is not the only job of a pump. In many applications, the pump must also deal with a variety of solids – from diapers and wipes in sewage to a wide range of debris (commonly referred to as “trash”) in slurries – to reach its specified service life. (read more)