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Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - A combination of magnetic and vacuum technology.

From the platform of its most successful product ever, IMI introduces a new product to the Transporter® Family, the Transporter® MagVac- a combination of magnetic and vacuum technology. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Protect your plastic regrind operation

These magnets are designed for easy installation in your granulator's feed tray, and are an economical way to prevent tramp metal from damaging your equipment and contaminating your product.

Features include stainless-steel magnetic poles and housing, all-welded construction, and a low-profile design for smooth product flow over the face of the magnet. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Powerful Rare Earth permanent lift magnet

VersaLift™ Lifting Magnets with Test Mode, Horizontal & Vertical Lifting Capability (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Lift Magnets, Scrap, & Metal Separation

Lift Magnets, Scrap, & Metal Separation - We'll come to you for evaluation! (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - IMI's magnetic systems

IMI's magnetic systems transfer metal in automated material handling applications. This particular unit utilizes our TPLPs and Sheet Fanners in one unit! (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separators

Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separators for Cross Belt Conveyor Applications. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - G-Force Equipment and Easy Arm Intelligent Lift

IMI is a proud distributor of Gorbel's Lifting Equipment and an integrator of Gorbel equipment such as the G-Force and Easy Arm™ into custom magnetic lifting solutions. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Rotary style Drawer-In-Housing Magnet

This rotary style Drawer-In-Housing Magnet removes ferrous metal from powder and bulk processed products with difficult flow characteristics and a tendency to bridge/choke when using stationary tube style magnetic separators. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Our Most Advanced Rare Earth Lifting Magnet

Take advantage of our most advanced On/Off, Permanent Rare Earth Lifting Magnet (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Fast And Safe Part Retrieving Tools

IMI's Power Grip family of magnetic retrievers are available in a variety of models and provide a fast and safe method to move heavy, hot or sharp parts from your cutting table, protecting hands from injury. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - On/Off Permanent Rare Earth Lifting Magnet

Take advantage of our most advanced On/Off, Permanent Rare Earth Lifting Magnet (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - The Versatile Kant Twist Clamp

The versatility of our Kant Twist clamps is incredible! Do you need something to hold wood together while it's drying but don't want indentations? Look no further! Add a piece of wood to the end of these wide foot clamps for an even softer grip! (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Our magnets sure are mighty!

Our magnets sure are mighty! This powerful bipolar magnet is able to lift "I" beams the "hard way" - by lifting from the flanges. Challenge accepted! (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetic Spray Can Rack Holders

If you've started your holiday shopping and need something for the person in charge of the garage? (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - RAPIDFIRE RETRIEVER®

Versatile, swivel-head design allows various pickup positions on the part, and the long handle enables the operator to safely grab pieces that would normally be out of arm's reach. While lift capacity will vary depending on the size and thickness of parts, the magnetic RapidFire Retriever® is capable of handling up to 35 lbs. and exceeds the lift capacity of most suction cups. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Versatile lock-out mechanism

Safety First! Keeping employees and equipment safe are a top priority of ours and we'd imagine they're priorities of yours too. This lifting bail lock-out prevents almost any lifting equipment from being used if it is deemed "out-of-service." (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetic torch holders

Whether you're Team Tig or Team Mig, we have something for everyone! Check out our magnetic torch holders and SO MUCH MORE for welders! It's time to treat yourself, right? (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - STOP the further spread of germs and bacteria!

Boyne Mountain offers spectacular views while golfing AND they also provide hands free options on all of their restroom doors on the courses! Our Foot Pulls were spotted on the Alpine and Monument courses - we like to see it! (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - The Low Profile Transporter® LP

Bobby Z is hard at work building and testing our Transporter® LP magnets! Precision, consistency, and care go into the testing process to produce a quality magnet. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetic Tube Lifters

Our Magnetic Tube Lifters are designed to assist in stacking, destacking, loading and unloading for a variety of tube and pipe applications. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Kant Twist clamps

It's all in the details! Our Kant Twist clamps now feature our phone number and web address. Small details might be changing, but these clamps still don't walk off center and are available in a variety of sizes and styles! (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - The custom electro-magnetic lifting solution

Rectangular Series RL Magnets are designed to lift plates, slabs and billets of all sizes.
RL’s are found in shipyards, metal working plants and service centers moving large plates to and from cutting tables, fabricating areas,
welding departments and receiving and shipping areas (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - CE Series Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets

Acquired through Walker Magnetics, this line is made of circular electric lifting magnets that are specially designed for in-plant or outdoor handling of steel plate, bar stock, castings, forgings, or machined components in all types of industrial plants, steel warehouses, shipyards and fabrication shops. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Non-Enclosed Industrial Power Supply

Our "PSB " & "PSD" series of power supplies are designed for Industrial Electromagnet applications and offer multiple enclosure and custom controls options. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angles

These switchable, On/Off, Permanent, Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angles let welders set up, weld and quickly move on to the next project. Simply place it on a work surface, turn it on and start welding. Stainless steel construction. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - FLEXIBLE FLASHLIGHT HOLDERS

Doesn't it seem like the person helping you on a project never holds the flashlight in just the right spot? It's almost like you need an extra hand. Well, we've been there and we've got the solution for you - bonus, it comes with a magnetic mount! (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Have you ever wondered what these contraptions do?

Have you ever wondered what these contraptions do?
Let me tell you! Our Drawer-In-Housing magnetic separators consist of rows of round magnetic tubes, alternating centers from the row directly above or below it. As product flows, it is forced from row to row over the magnetic tubes. This ensures maximum tramp metal capture since the product comes into repeated contact with a magnet. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Transporter Switch Series Magnets

Transporter® Switch Series Magnets are ideal for use where vacuum cups and grippers are typically used for lifting and moving steel sheets, blanks, stamped parts and complete assemblies in automated press-to-press transfer or robotic "pick and place" applications. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Powerful Rare Earth magnet holds parts securely

Whenever we exhibit at Fabtech, attendees always get excited about our Rapidfire Retriever, the long-reach tool that magnetically grabs and releases hot parts off cutting tables with speed and precision. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Learn more about our workholding magnets

The magnetic chuck, invented by Oakley S. Walker 125 years ago, is still the best workholding method for many industries. Though our product line has grown significantly since then, our focus remains the same—to provide our customers with reliable, durable, and long-lasting industrial magnets. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - The Ultimate in Recovery

Our Javelin™ Eddy Current Separators are designed from the ground up to provide high recovery rates (97%+) and low operating costs. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - FXE Remote-Control Permanent Lifting Magnet

IMI Announces Availability of the FXE Remote-Control Permanent Lifting Magnet (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Arm-Pull for Hands-free Door Opening

Perfect for public restrooms, office buildings, shop floors - or any high-traffic door. The Foot-Pull allows users to pull open doors with the bottom of their shoe, while the Arm-Pull lets them hook the door with their forearm or elbow to pull it inward
(read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - New Magnetic V-Pad Clamps

New Magnetic V-Pad Clamps Offer Welders Fast, Versatile Holding Options (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Clamps Aid Foreign Object Detection Prevention

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. recently expanded its line of KANT-TWIST-Twist® Cantilever Clamps with the introduction of several Hi-Vis models to aid Foreign Object Detection (FOD) initiatives with tools. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Fun with Smart-Mag® Technology

Smart-Mag® technology can be deployed as components of a functional sub-assembly, such as vibration isolation, shear force transfer across a barrier, magnetic coupling across an air gap, or linear motion magnetic actuators. Their functions can often be engineered and tuned to meet application specifications. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Germ-Free Door Opener

IMI Develops Germ-Free Door Opener, Donates 100% of Profits to Local Food Pantries (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Weld Torch Holder with Magnet Base
  • Securely and neatly hold TIG torch in place on top or under work bench or any nearby steel structure
  • Prevents damage to torch tips
  • Stainless steel holder, plated steel magnetic base
  • Magnetic base allows for quick and easy placement and repositioning
  • USA M.A.D.E.™
(read more)
Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Cup, Can & Bottle Holders

Keep your can, cup, bottle, lubricant spray, etc. right where you want it. Take it with you when you move from one machine to another or anywhere there is a metal surface. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Test your permanent & electromagnet health onsite

Did you know Industrial Magnetics, Inc. is a full service Magnet Facility? We build magnetic solutions, but we also service them. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Preventative Maintenance Program

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. is proud to offer a dedicated technician to assist customers with preventative maintenance, service, regulatory, audit and related requirements on magnetic equipment. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Lift Magnet Testing And Certification

Our Lift Magnet Testing and Certification Service performs both a thorough visual inspection and functional testing of your magnetic lifting products using testing techniques and equipment that meet or exceed the ASME B30.20 Standards for Below-the-Hook Magnetic Lifting Devices. These performance tests are often referred to as Breakaway tests. (read more)

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - RECYCLING TEST FACILITY


Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetic research and development facility

Our 1,400 sq. ft. onsite lab features hundreds of magnets, test stands, conveying systems, cranes, weigh scales, gauss meters and a PPM analyzer - all designed to replicate your application and assist in choosing the right magnetic product for the job. (read more)