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JBC Technologies, Inc. - Extended Use Skin-Contact Adhesive Tapes

Learn more about the selection and custom die cutting of the medical adhesive tapes used on extended-wear medical devices. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die Cut Adhesive Tapes for Stick-to-Skin

Medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes have undergone biocompatibility testing to ensure they are safe for use on the skin. Let's learn more about what makes these special adhesive tapes a great option for so many medical applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Material for Die Cutting Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulators are the opposite of conductors. Electrical insulation materials prevent the free flow of electric charges or currents — they’re poor conductors of electricity. Typical electric insulation materials are rubber, Teflon, plastics, and wood. Need custom die-cut electrical insulation? (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die Cut Tapes to Minimize EMI/RFI Interference

Reduce interference, block unwanted electronic noise, and protect your investments with specialty EMI/RFI shielding tapes from 3M™. These high-performance adhesive tapes block and absorb electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) across various frequencies and sources. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Solutions for bonding low surface energy materials

Joining dissimilar materials with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes can be challenging, especially with difficult-to-bond-to substrates – the so-called Low Surface Energy (LSE) materials. JBC can transform specialized adhesives like 3M’s LSE tapes into custom die-cut solutions that reduce reliance on mechanical fasteners and eliminate surface... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die Cut Adhesives to Replace Mechanical Fasteners

Peel-and-stick, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are a great way to eliminate mechanical fasteners, apply gaskets and seals, and improve assembly efficiency. They're even more effective when die cut to match your specific requirements and presented in such a way as to improve efficiency at your plant. Need die-cut adhesive tapes? Of course, you do... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Stop BSR with these Acoustic Management Solutions

We manufacture custom die-cut solutions for acoustic management across such varied industries as automotive, HVAC, and appliance. See how 3M™ performance materials can help reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in your applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Pressure sensiitve adhesive

Tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive, PSA. Adhesive tape is an incredibly useful and often misunderstood part of our everyday lives. Join us as we discuss PSA tapes with the experts at Avery Dennison. We’ll get the answers to a few common PSA questions and find out how we can best choose just the right tape for even the most challenging applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. -  Acrylic Foam Tapes Outpace Mechanical Fasteners

Goodbye to old-fashioned mechanical fasteners, and hello to lightweight, powerful, custom die-cut acrylic foam bonding tapes. The right foam adhesive tape can bond and join pretty much anything – without heavy, ugly, messy, and potentially damaging liquid adhesives, bolts, screws, and rivets. The design possibilities achievable with acrylic foam tapes? Practically lim... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom Die-Cut Compression Pads for EV Batteries

Discover how JBC Technologies creates custom die-cut compression pads for EV batteries to improve battery life, reduce vibration, and enhance safety. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Double-Sided Adhesive Tape & Precision Die Cutting

As a 3M™ Preferred Converter and Avery Dennison ADVantage Converter, we know adhesive tapes. Tapes with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) on both sides of a carrier (aka double-sided tapes) are one of the most common ingredients in many of the custom die-cut solutions we make for our customers daily. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Adhesive Tape for Your Die-Cut Parts in 6 Steps

We’ve used pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes in our customers’ custom die-cut components for over 30 years. We source our tapes from world-class manufacturers like 3M, Avery Dennison, mactac, and Berry Global, so you can be sure you’re getting only the best. But how can you be sure you’re getting the right adhesive tape for your application? (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Precision Converting: Medical Grade Adhesive Tapes

Are you working with the right materials converter? If you’re project calls for medical grade and stick-to-skin PSA tapes, you’d better be sure. Industry experience, ISO 8 cleanroom, technical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and precision quality systems. JBC Technologies is your partner for precision medical manufacturing. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom Die-Cut Solutions: Reduce Unwanted Noise

Dealing with unwanted noise doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us use our 30+ years of converting and materials selection expertise to help you address NVH and BSR with a custom, die-cut solution specifically designed for your application. Let's learn about choosing the right material, design, production, testing and more. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Low-Trauma Skin Contact Tapes with Berry Global

Not all adhesive tapes are the same, especially with stick-to-skin applications. How can you make sure a wearable medical device stays stuck without irritating the skin in the process? Should you be concerned with MARSI? What is a low-trauma skin adhesive? Let's ask the experts at Berry Global. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - 3M LSE Adhesive Tapes for Automotive Applications

Automotive designers and engineers regularly work with plastics and composites. An unfortunate side-effect of these materials is their inherent low surface energy (LSE), making them notoriously difficult to bond. Die-cut components made with 3M LSE Adhesives are designed to work with LSE materials and ensure safe and effective bonding while keeping.../li> (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Thermal Management In Battery Applications

OEMs are hard at work hunting for the EV battery thermal management unicorn. But no single material or process has emerged as the clear leader. Thermal Management materials are typically produced in large rolls or sheets and must be transformed into custom solutions by a specialized converter that can combine base materials, then cut and package the material to be ready for use by the ba... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Struggling with long lead times on die-cut parts?

Best of Both Worlds - Custom And Fast

Learn how JBC Technologies can help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Superior thermal performance under tough condition

Achieve superior thermal and acoustic performance under tough conditions. (read more)


Whether you need die cut components for wearable medical devices that are utilized in a traditional hospital setting or to serve the rapidly growing remote patient monitoring market, JBC Technologies is here to help.

Leveraging our wide network of material manufacturers, extensive in-house team of process engineers and cleanroom manufacturing, we’ll work with you from materi... (read more)


With four facilities, two cleanrooms, multiple state-of the art rotary die cutting, and ancillary converting functions that range from laminating and slitting to printing and ultrasonic welding, JBC Technologies is your go-to supplier for custom die-cut Made-in-the USA disposable wound care and IV dressing products. Examples of die-cut wound care products we can support include transpare... (read more)


Medical diagnostic devices play a crucial role in the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of various medical conditions. At JBC Technologies, we manufacture a wide range of custom die-cut parts for medical diagnostic devices to meet the unique needs of different applications – many of which require tight tolerance slitting and/or precise multi-layer laminations.

Here a... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Peel-&-Stick Thermal Acoustic Barrier Material

TABshield™ from JBC Technologies is the innovative, lightweight answer to bulky, metal heat and noise suppression shields. Readily-conformable TABshield thermal/acoustical insulation can be custom die-cut into just about any shape, and with its adhesive backing, makes for quick and easy installation in even the tightest spaces. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom-Die Cut Full Color Printed Components

JBC Technologies is pleased to announce that we have added inline full-color digital printing to our already extensive stable of vertically integrated converting capabilities. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Benefits of Inline Full Color Digital Printing

JBC Technologies is pleased to announce that we have added inline full color digital printing to our already extensive stable of vertically integrated converting capabilities.

“We continue to bring on capabilities that add value for our customer base and allow us to provide complete integrated solutions and be a ‘one stop shop’ for our customer’s increasing... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - TABshield & Ford Heat Shield Spec WSS-M99P32-E6

TABshield™ thermal and acoustical barrier meets the requirements outlined by Ford heat shield specification WSS-M99P32-E6. The multi-test specification focuses on the performance requirements of acoustical and thermal components used in the engine, under-hood, and tunnel applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - 5 Ways to Better Product Development - Die Cutting

Ensure Seamless New Product Development (With Die Cutting)

The process of choosing your die cutting partner is filled with challenges.

Launching a new product with them shouldn't be.

Engage your die cutting supplier at the beginning of a project — it can accelerate implementation, speed sample turnaround, and reduce or even eliminate unexpected last-minu... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - WHAT IS THERMAL MANAGEMENT and Why Does it Matter?



There is no uniform way that manufacturers are attacking EV thermal management challenges. And no catch-all thermal management material that has emerged as the clear leader in the electric vehicle space. Each h... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - So what exactly is die cutting?

So what exactly is die cutting? And what do all those terms like "Kiss Cut" and "Butt Cut" mean anyway? Learn the basics in this informative post from JBC Technologies.

Conversational Converting: 10 Commonly-Used Die-Cutting Words and Phrases

Die-cutting. What exactly is it? Quite frankly, we haven’t been able to find a really great definition online, so we’ll t... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Bonding/Attachment Solutions: Automotive Interior

Automotive interiors are filled with applications for bonding and attachment, but here, mechanical fasteners just won't cut it. Plus, with the introduction of more novel construction materials than ever, including specialty polymers and fabrics, finding a suitable adhesive tape has never been more challenging. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Foam Tape for Automotive Badge & Emblem Attachment

Custom die-cut adhesive foam tapes are excellent bonding solutions for attaching automotive exterior emblems and badges. Their high level of adaptability provides an excellent bond to the car body’s curves and contours. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Light-Gauge Metal Foil Converting: Embossing

If your heat shields aren’t embossed, you could miss out on some serious performance benefits. See why hundreds of our automotive and industrial thermal management customers count on our value-added foil-converting services, like embossing, to take their heat shields to the next level. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die-Cut Solutions: EV Battery Thermal Interface

Learn how custom die-cut thermal interface components made from materials with high thermal conductivity can help with EV thermal management and lead to improved battery performance and lifetime. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Adhesive Tapes: Automotive Exterior Electronics

Automotive exterior electronics and die-cut high-performance adhesive tapes from Avery Dennison Performance Tapes. Learn how our made-to-order custom solutions can help automotive OEMs with their bonding, sealing, and gasketing challenges. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Adhesive Tapes: Automotive Interior Electronics

Discover how JBC Technologies provides custom die-cut solutions for automotive interior electronics bonding using high-quality adhesive tapes from trusted suppliers like Avery Dennison. Our solutions offer precision, durability, and customization options to meet your requirements. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die-Cut Solutions for EV Battery: Seals & Gaskets

JBC Technologies uses high-performance materials to make custom die-cut solutions for EV battery pack sealing and gasketing. Our advanced die-cutting techniques ensure optimized fit and performance while reducing the risk of battery failure due to leaks or contaminant ingress. Contact us to learn more about our customized solutions for the EV battery industry. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Materials Converting for Precision Die Cutting

Industry-leading precision die cutting is only part of the total custom solution. Supported by an arsenal of state-of-the-art material converting equipment — from slitting and laminating to embossing and assembly — our customers count on our in-house converting expertise to help with supply chain optimization and cost effectiveness. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Flexible Graphite for Thermal Management Solutions

Thin. Lightweight. Effective. Flexible graphite heat-spreading materials from Neograf Solutions are used extensively within the automotive, marine, and electronics industries. For years, we’ve been perfecting the specialty converting and precision die-cutting methods that flexible graphite requires. Why JBC for flexible graphite converting? (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Lightweight Custom Die-Cut Heat Shield Solutions

Heat shielding can take many forms – simple aluminum sheeting, reflective metallic adhesive tape, and even engineered composites with embossed aluminum facings and fiberglass insulation cores. JBC converts these and other lightweight thermal management materials into custom, die-cut parts. They're also available in rolls and sheets, ready for your specific applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Medical-Grade Die-Cutting & Contract Manufacturing

Medical-grade manufacturing requires a materials converter with specialized skills. Over 30 years, we have honed our performance materials expertise and precision converting and die-cutting capabilities. Today we’re proud to offer the medical and electronics industries medical-grade die-cutting and contract manufacturing services. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Precision Converting: ISO 8 Cleanroom Die-Cutting

Is an ISO 8/Class 100,000 Cleanroom suitable for your custom die-cut components? Do they find use in sensitive electronics or medical-grade, wearable device applications? Do they require the quality of an environmentally-controlled manufacturing environment that ensures contaminate-free products and packaging? Learn more about our clean room-enhanced converting capabilities. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Better EV Batteries Through Precision Die-Cutting

Attention electric vehicle and EV battery pack OEMs. Is it possible to improve electric vehicle safety and performance with materials science and precision converting? We think so and we’ve got the converting expertise and material manufacturer partners to prove it. Let us show you how lightweight, custom components can help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Thermal Management Solutions & Custom Die-Cutting

Dealing with excess heat needn’t be expensive, challenging, or heavy; Lightweight thermal management materials and precision die-cutting from JBC are the answer. We’ve got 30+ years of experience transforming performance materials into custom heat shielding solutions for Automotive, Industrial, Appliance, and HVAC applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Converting Capabilities: Digital Die-Cutting

High-volume precision die-cuttingit’s what we do. Billions of custom die-cut parts leave our docks every year, cut from large rolls of foam, silicone & other materials. Rapid prototypesShort-run maintenance partsThick material, complex geometry - Sound like you? See how our digital die-cutting services can help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die-Cutting, Specialty Materials & EV Batteries

Specialty materials, precision die-cutting, & electric vehicle batteries. Our EV battery and automotive OEM customers depend on die-cutting and engineered materials selection expertise when crafting their custom lightweight components - thermal management, NVH/BSR, bonding, sealing, and EMI/RFI shielding. See why JBC and EV are a perfect match. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - WARDjet J-106 - High-Speed, All Water Cutting

Should your custom die-cut parts be manufactured using a waterjet cutter? What are the advantages of using a water-only, high-speed cutting method? Our WARDjet J-106 waterjet cutter expands our best-in-class selection of high-speed, low-waste converting equipment and rapid prototyping solutions. Is waterjet cutting right for your next project? (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Materials for EV Battery Thermal Management

Electric vehicle batteries generate unwanted heat that can damage the battery, lower performance, and lead to thermal runaway and even fire. EV battery passive thermal management systems may be enhanced with custom components made from performance materials that are placed in and around the battery modules, cells, and pack. (read more)