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JBC Technologies, Inc. - Adhesive Tapes: A Q&A with Avery Dennison

Tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive, PSA. Adhesive tape is an incredibly useful and often misunderstood part of our everyday lives. Join us as we discuss PSA tapes with the experts at Avery Dennison. We’ll get the answers to a few common PSA questions and find out how we can best choose just the right tape for even the most challenging applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Precision Converting: Medical Grade Adhesive Tapes

Are you working with the right materials converter? If you’re project calls for medical grade and stick-to-skin PSA tapes, you’d better be sure. Industry experience, ISO 8 cleanroom, technical expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and precision quality systems. JBC Technologies is your partner for precision medical manufacturing. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - TABshield™ Peel-&-Stick Heat and Sound Insulation

TABshield™ from JBC Technologies is the innovative, lightweight answer to bulky, metal heat and noise suppression shields. Readily-conformable TABshield thermal/acoustical insulation can be custom die-cut into just about any shape, and with its adhesive backing, makes for quick and easy installation in even the tightest spaces. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom Die-Cut Solutions: Reduce Unwanted Noise

Dealing with unwanted noise doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us use our 30+ years of converting and materials selection expertise to help you address NVH and BSR with a custom, die-cut solution specifically designed for your application. Let's learn about choosing the right material, design, production, testing and more. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Cold Hard Facts About Hot-Melt Rubber Adhesives

Learn more about hot melt rubber pressure-sensitive adhesives. How do they differ from other pressure-sensitive adhesives? Why are hot melt adhesives on billions of die-cut seals & gaskets? Do hot melt adhesives work well for bonding low surface energy materials like plastics and chrome? (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Low-Trauma Skin Contact Tapes with Berry Global

Not all adhesive tapes are the same, especially with stick-to-skin applications. How can you make sure a wearable medical device stays stuck without irritating the skin in the process? Should you be concerned with MARSI? What is a low-trauma skin adhesive? Let's ask the experts at Berry Global. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Targeted Heat & Sound Supression-TABshield Barrier

TABshield™ isn't your traditional metal heat shield. TABshield is a lightweight, conformable composite heat insulator and noise suppression material that can be customized with embossing/microperforating, and a peel-and-stick backing for easy installation and precision die-cut to just about any shape. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Adhesive Solutions to "Stick to the Unstickable"

Joining dissimilar materials with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes can be challenging, especially with difficult-to-bond-to substrates – the so-called Low Surface Energy (LSE) materials. JBC can transform specialized adhesives like 3M’s LSE tapes into custom die-cut solutions that reduce reliance on mechanical fasteners and eliminate surface... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - 3M LSE Adhesive Tapes for Automotive Applications

Automotive designers and engineers regularly work with plastics and composites. An unfortunate side-effect of these materials is their inherent low surface energy (LSE), making them notoriously difficult to bond. Die-cut components made with 3M LSE Adhesives are designed to work with LSE materials and ensure safe and effective bonding while keeping.../li> (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener

Precision converting & innovative materials. 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners have unique interlocking mushroom-shaped heads that slide past each other, and snap closed, for a strong bond that peels apart for easy, repeatable open/close fastening. “Why Dual Lock over traditional hook-and-loop fasteners?”, the 3M experts have the details. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Choose the Right PSA for Your Die-Cut Components

How to Choose the Right PSA for Your Die-Cut Components

JBC Technologies has been working with pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and foam tapes for over three decades, sourcing material from best-in-class suppliers including 3M™, Avery™, CCT, and more. Over the years, we’ve laminated adhesives to a wide variety of materials (foam, rubber, silicone, insulation,... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Selection Criteria for Shielding & Grounding Tape

The 3M Electronics Materials Solutions Division offers a selection of electrically conductive tapes and adhesives that minimize EMI noise and crosstalk and provide EMI protection from a wide range of frequencies. JBC Technologies can convert these tapes to the specific size, shape, and configuration that you need to solve your specific challenge. Yet, due to their complex nature, choosin... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die-Cut Tapes for EMI/RFI Shielding/Grounding

Tackle your EMI/RFI shielding and grounding challenges with go-to adhesives from 3M™ and precision die-cutting from JBC Technologies. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Precision Die-Cut Foam Tapes

JBC Technologies converts both single and double-sided foam tapes for use in a wide array of markets. We’ve created custom die-cut foam tape solutions for our customers in the automotive, HVAC, appliance, electronic, medical, and industrial markets all designed to absorb impact, dampen vibrations, seal out the elements, and even replace mechanical fasteners. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom Die-Cut Double Coated Tapes & Adhesives

A 3M™ Preferred Converter with extensive manufacturing capabilities that range from hot roll laminating to slitting to high-speed precision rotary die-cutting, JBC Technologies is a premier converter of double-coated tapes for OEMs and Tier suppliers. Applications include gasketing, mounting, sealing, spacing, cushioning, absorption, insulating, vibration damping, and more. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - 5 Foams That Can Stop Your Buzz, Squeak & Rattle

5 Common Foams That Can Stop Your Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle

Every driver has experienced it; every automotive manufacturer wants to prevent it. Buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR). The solution: Foam. Specifically, die-cut foam gaskets and seals. Read on to learn which foams are ideally suited to help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom Die-Cut Acrylic Foam Tapes

Acrylic Foam Tapes: Replacing Screws, Rivets, and More

Consumer demand for interconnected, high performing devices, cars, and home appliances that are also sleek, lightweight, and quiet continues to grow worldwide. In order to keep up with consumer demand, manufacturers need innovative, high performing, long-lasting materials that also help reduce cycle time. Die cut acryli... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - 3M™ VHB™ Design Guide

3M 's VHB™ high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tapes let you quickly and easily create long-lasting bonds that build strength over time. See how these tapes can replace traditional fasteners to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - WHITE PAPER: Die-Cut Thermal Management Solutions

Electronics demand smaller, sleeker, lightweight designs that are capable of processing at optimal speed. But all that increased power consumption generates heat so engineers need to find the right thermal management solutions. This White Paper provides insight and ideas. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - TABshield Meets Ford WSS-M99P32-E6

North Ridgeville, Ohio, January 4, 2021 – JBC Technologies has recently announced the successful completion of third-party testing of their TABshield™ thermal acoustical barrier material against two Ford automotive heat shield specifications. The pair of multi-test specifications focuses specifically on the performance requirements of acoustical and thermal components... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Prevent interference Dissipate Heat in Electronics

Smart phones to semiconductors, appliances to automotive applications, electronic components and systems require protection, shielding, heat management and seals. For more than 30 years, JBC Technologies has been providing industry leading die cut products and solutions for the Electronics Industry. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Lightweight Custom Die-Cut Heat Shield Solutions

Heat shielding can take many forms – simple aluminum sheeting, reflective metallic adhesive tape, and even engineered composites with embossed aluminum facings and fiberglass insulation cores. JBC converts these and other lightweight thermal management materials into custom, die-cut parts. They're also available in rolls and sheets, ready for your specific applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Medical-Grade Die-Cutting & Contract Manufacturing

Medical-grade manufacturing requires a materials converter with specialized skills. Over 30 years, we have honed our performance materials expertise and precision converting and die-cutting capabilities. Today we’re proud to offer the medical and electronics industries medical-grade die-cutting and contract manufacturing services. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Precision Converting: ISO 8 Cleanroom Die-Cutting

Is an ISO 8/Class 100,000 Cleanroom suitable for your custom die-cut components? Do they find use in sensitive electronics or medical-grade, wearable device applications? Do they require the quality of an environmentally-controlled manufacturing environment that ensures contaminate-free products and packaging? Learn more about our clean room-enhanced converting capabilities. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Metal Foil Converting-Embossing & Microperforating

Are you looking for a flexible materials converter with actual know-how when it comes to embossing & microperforating light-gauge metal foils? Hundreds of customers use our specialized value-added foil converting services and custom die-cutting expertise in automotive, industrial, and appliance applications. Toll foil processing is also available. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Better EV Batteries Through Precision Die-Cutting

Attention electric vehicle and EV battery pack OEMs. Is it possible to improve electric vehicle safety and performance with materials science and precision converting? We think so and we’ve got the converting expertise and material manufacturer partners to prove it. Let us show you how lightweight, custom components can help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Thermal Management Solutions & Custom Die-Cutting

Dealing with excess heat needn’t be expensive, challenging, or heavy; Lightweight thermal management materials and precision die-cutting from JBC are the answer. We’ve got 30+ years of experience transforming performance materials into custom heat shielding solutions for Automotive, Industrial, Appliance, and HVAC applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Automotive Manufacturing Cost Reductions via VAVE

Our work doesn’t end with finished die-cut parts. We venture past the part in search of ways to add value to our customers’ processes and streamline their manufacturing operations. Automated assembly. Custom Packaging. Part Presentation. See how our Tier 1 Automotive customers saved time and money with JBC Value Analysis/Value Engineering. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - JBC Adds DCS Precision Rotary Die-Cutting Press

JBC Technologies is proud to announce the purchase of a new Dorey Converting Systems 10-station precision rotary die-cutting press. The recent addition to our family of state-of-the-art materials converting equipment will be housed in the ISO 8 Clean Room of our North Ridgeville, Ohio headquarters. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Converting Capabilities: Digital Die-Cutting

High-volume precision die-cuttingit’s what we do. Billions of custom die-cut parts leave our docks every year, cut from large rolls of foam, silicone & other materials. Rapid prototypesShort-run maintenance partsThick material, complex geometry - Sound like you? See how our digital die-cutting services can help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die-Cutting, Specialty Materials & EV Batteries

Specialty materials, precision die-cutting, & electric vehicle batteries. Our EV battery and automotive OEM customers depend on die-cutting and engineered materials selection expertise when crafting their custom lightweight components - thermal management, NVH/BSR, bonding, sealing, and EMI/RFI shielding. See why JBC and EV are a perfect match. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - WARDjet J-106 - High-Speed, All Water Cutting

Should your custom die-cut parts be manufactured using a waterjet cutter? What are the advantages of using a water-only, high-speed cutting method? Our WARDjet J-106 waterjet cutter expands our best-in-class selection of high-speed, low-waste converting equipment and rapid prototyping solutions. Is waterjet cutting right for your next project? (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Materials for EV Battery Thermal Management

Electric vehicle batteries generate unwanted heat that can damage the battery, lower performance, and lead to thermal runaway and even fire. EV battery passive thermal management systems may be enhanced with custom components made from performance materials that are placed in and around the battery modules, cells, and pack. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - JBC Technologies Acquires HST Materials, Inc.

In April of 2022, Ohio-based JBC Technologies - a leading flexible materials converter and custom die-cutter – has acquired HST Materials a fabricator/converter of rubber, plastic & tape materials based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. HST is a bolt-on acquisition bringing JBC additional die-cutting capacity along with specialized capabilities like... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Quick Turn-Around Rapid Prototyping

Improve your speed to market, validate prototypes, test multiple materials, and quickly produce small-volume maintenance parts with JBC's Rapid Prototyping & Digital Dieless Cutting service. Large Format. No Tooling Costs. Up to 2-in thick Materials. No Minimums. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Dissipate Heat With Custom Die-Cut TIMS

Electronic devices don't perform well when they overheat. You can mitigate the problem by transfering heat away from the device such as from a microchip or board to a heat sink. Materials such as flexible graphite, acrylic and silicone pads, foils, papers and films are all possible solutions for thermal management in electronics. Read this article for insight (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Expert Flexible Graphite Converting

Solve thermal management challenges with custom cut flexible graphite. Quality die-cut heat-spreading materials are more important than ever to mitigate overheating in today's electronics. JBC can help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die Cut Gaskets, Seals, and More

JBC Technologies is your one-stop resource for all your die-cutting needs. For over 30 years, we've been using our industry expertise and vertically integrated converting capabilities to turn rolls of flexible materials into custom die-cut parts—solving critical challenges for gasketing, sealing, heat shielding, thermal management, buzz, squeak and rattle/NVH, and more. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Converting foams, foils & tapes into custom parts

We’ve invested in the technology, equipment, and experts that it takes to manage the flexible materials converting process from beginning to end. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom die-cutting, flexible materials converting

JBC Technologies is a custom manufacturer that converts flexible materials into custom die-cut parts that solve critical challenges for gasketing, sealing, bonding, joining, heat shielding, heat spreading, sound damping, and insulating as well as for applying long-term wearable medical devices, and other stick-to-skin applications.

We fabricate these custom parts usi... (read more)



Add to that an arsenal of equipment, 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space, years of process know how, and an unmatched sense of mechanical aptitude topped off with a core value of “Don’t Ever Quit” and you have a die cutting partner that has your back. Equipment is only... (read more)