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Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Joyce Jacks in the Military & Defense Industry

Joyce/Dayton screw jacks and actuators are used by the defense industry in a wide variety of military applications. We designed jacks to raise turrets, stabilize trucks, adjust launch angles, control antenna operations, and meet the functional requirements of many other military and defense applications. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - How to Level Log Homes

Compared to residential construction, log homes present many unique challenges. One of these are the jacks used for leveling. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Stainless Steel Jacks vs. the Elements

Advantages of using stainless steel jacks for corrosive- and wet-environment applications have long been in the forefront on systems designed for the packaging industry, paper mills, and other rugged locations, but Joyce stainless steel jacks offer some surprising cold temperature benefits as well. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Stainless Steel Jacks for Food & Beverage

Joyce Stainless Steel Jacks are widely used by food and beverage manufacturers. Our jacks are commonly found in bakery applications such as adjusting dough thickness and raising and lowering oven lids. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - The Handling of Spent Nuclear Fuel.

Learn how Joyce/Dayton screw jacks were used in the handling of spent nuclear fuel. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - JAX Online

Web-based Linear Motion Design SoftwareOur easy-to-use JAX ® Online software enables you to specify the right jacks and components for your ideal lifting and linear motion systems. You can start with a complete set of requirements, or just a few simple inputs, and let JAX ® Online suggest the perfect components. The detailed reports created are complete and... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Who's ready to do some heavy lifting?

Joyce Dayton provides a variety of force ranges up to 250 Tons.
Let us help you size and select or use our online JAX Sizing to select your components!
(read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Screw Jacks in industrial applications

The key to achieving proven results using screw jacks in modern industry is understanding the fundamentals. We invite you to revisit the simple and reliable screw jack design principles that continue to deliver exceptional results. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Ball Screw Jacks

Joyce worm gear ball screw jacks lift and precisely position loads up to 50-tons. Upright or inverted jacks operate at full capacity in tension or compression. Select from standard lead (WB, WBL) and high lead (HWB, HWBL) models to meet your travel speed and ball nut life requirements. These ball screw jacks require up to two-thirds less input torque to move the load than similarly rated... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Electric Cylinders

Joyce Electric Cylinder Actuators lift and precisely position up to 20 tons, achieve travel speeds up to 546 inches per minute, and raise loads up to 100 inches. Requiring only electric power, Joyce Electric Actuators are well suited for industrial environments where protection of the lifting screw mechanism and dependable operation are critical.

  • Low Maintenance actua...
(read more)
Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Machine Screw Jacks

Joyce worm gear machine screw jacks lift and precisely position loads (250 pounds to 250 tons). Upright or inverted jacks operate at full capacity in tension or compression. WJ and RWJ, single lead jacks are self-locking. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Stainless Steel Jacks Food and Beverage

Food Industry Jacks and Complete Systems
Joyce/Dayton Jacks and Actuators are used by Food
Industry manufacturers in a wide variety of applications. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Machine Jack vs. Ball Screw Jack

Engineers and designers frequently use screw jacks in the design of lifting and positioning equipment. They know that mechanical jacks offer reliable lifting and holding options that can be easily incorporated into their systems.

Once loads, duty cycles, and travel speeds are established, engineers and designers must choose the type of jack to select - Ball screw or Machine... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Jacks for Wet, Corrosive and Harsh Environments

Joyce stainless steel screw jacks are specifically designed for positioning and lifting applications that are located in wet, corrosive and harsh environments. Metallurgical properties of stainelss steel allow it to remain ductile even at very low temperatures. These mechanical jacks are available in 2 ton - 25 ton capacities. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Screw Jack Lifting Systems

Joyce/Dayton screw jacks and lifting systems offer wide-ranging lifting and positioning solutions for diverse industries. These robust jacks reliably move and accurately position loads up to 250-tons. Joyce can configure jacks with components such as motors, gear reducers, shafting, couplings, and motion control devices to create complete multi-jack systems. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Durable Stainless Steel Jacks - many applications

Joyce Stainless Steel screw jacks are specifically designed for lifting and positioning applications that are located in wet, corrosive environments. Available in 2-ton through 25-ton and 75-ton capacities, these jacks meet unique application requirements for many industries including:

  • Food Handling
  • Paper Mills
  • Wash down applications
  • Coastal...
(read more)
Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Custom Jack Designs - Joyce/Dayton

Turn to Joyce/Dayton Corp. when your lifting system must conform to an established design. Our Engineers have the expertise to go beyond standard product design to meet your requirements. Choose from Machine Screw Jacks, Ball Screw Jacks, Bevel Gear Jacks, Electric Cylinders, and Linear Actuators. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Protect Your Equipment Investment

Bellows and covers are made from coated fabrics, and offer higher durability and greater abrasion resistance than molded boots. A wide variety of fabrics and coatings are available to withstand both machine and environmental conditions at temperatures up to 550° F. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - How Screw Jack Technology Benefits Modern Industry

Screw Jacks in industrial applications continue to provide proven results when used in
appropriate designs and given proper maintenance. They reliably lift, position, support
and hold industrial loads. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Bevel Ball Jacks - Higher Speed/Greater Accuracy

Choose Joyce/Dayton high-efficiency bevel ball actuators (BB) when speed and precise positioning are required. Designed for near-continuous duty operation and with static capacities up to 100-tons, these actuators have a fully predictable J-10 life expectancy. They provide higher speeds with less heat generation than other mechanical actuators. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Lead Screw & Nut - Components & Assemblies

Joyce/Dayton offers everything from cut lengths of screw stock and nuts to complete assemblies including finished screw ends, flanged nuts and bearing block supports. Components and Assemblies are offered at competitive pricies and with favorable lead times. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Acme and Stub Acme Machine Screw Bearing Blocks

Joyce/Dayton knows that every screw assembly requires a means of supporting the rotational axis of the screw and absorbing radial and axial force components so they provide a line of bearing block supports for screw and nut assemblies. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Machine Screw ComDrive® - Motorized Jack

Joyce/Dayton ComDRIVE motorized jacks are a self-contained actuator package that combines a machine screw jack, motor and gear reducer into a single compact unit. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Miniature Jacks Used in Food Processing Equipment

Joyce/Dayton Serves the Food Packaging Industry

Did you know that jacks and actuators manufactured by Joyce/Dayton Corp are used extensively by the food processing industry?

Equipment manufacturers choose our light-weight miniature jacks and integrated actuators to move and position loads up to 1-ton. These jacks have aluminum housings and also feature stainless steel compo... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Choose Joyce Controls for your Lifting Systems

Joyce/Dayton provides motor controls ranging from simple motor starters to complex positioning systems and custom controls. Every system that is powered by an electric motor requires a control system. At Joyce, our Engineers are ready to serve you and find a solution that meets your application requirements. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Configure Your Bellows Online

Did you know about our Online Bellows Configurator? Simply choose your bellows shape, size, material and options, then submit your quote. Receive an instant drawing and a quote within 1 business day. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Serious Jacks for Severe Service

Built to your specifications, Joyce jacks and systems lift and precisely position loads in the most extreme environments. Customize standard machine screw, ball screw, and bevel gear jacks to your form and fit requirements. Modify with custom materials and finishes for high/low temperatures, corrosive or wash-down environments. Contact Joyce today! (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Using Jacks to Customize Packaging Equipment

Joyce/Dayton screw jacks and actuators are widely used in the packaging industry for applications such as adjusting conveyor belt and filling machine heights. Jacks are also used in many other material handling and processing applications. They level, measure and position, and adjust machinery to meet specific packaging requirements. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Jacks for critical Aerospace applications.

Joyce Jacks and Electric Cylinders are used in a variety of critical Aerospace applications. They are used on jet engine test stands and are an integral component in lifting jumbo jets to service landing gear. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Install Bellows to Reduce Expensive Maintenance

Protect your Equipment Investment

When Joyce bellows and covers are fitted to machinery, expensive maintenance costs and down time can be reduced or eliminated. Choose to protect exposed lead screws, ball screws, splines, shafts and other machine components with Joyce bellows and covers. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Joyce/Dayton Systems & Controls

Every mechanical lifting system that is powered by an electric motor requires some type of control system. Joyce/Dayton offers a number of control options including basic motor starters, positioning systems with enhanced features, and custom controls designed to your specific requirements. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Joyce Jacks in the Medical Equipment Industry

Joyce/Dayton offers screw jacks and actuators which are ideally sized to move and position tables for MRI, X-ray, and other diagnostic machines. Jacks are also incorporated into the mechanism for dental chairs and tables to provide a comfortable and ergonomic patient experience. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Joyce/Dayton Jacks in Glass Handling Applications

Joyce/Dayton Jacks are vital to the production of glass for flat screen TVs, automotive windshields, windows, bottles and more. Screw jacks lift and position oven doors and furnace dampers. They raise and lower oven doors and adjust glass plate cutters. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Joyce Jacks in the Forestry Industry

Joyce/Dayton Jacks and Actuators provide the rugged, low maintenance solution needed in forestry industry applications. Timber processing machines and chippers rely on self-locking screw jacks for material handling and positioning. Joyce Actuators and Electric Cylinders also provide adjustment options on forestry machines, allowing operators to open vents and position steering wheels and... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Joyce Jacks in Conveyor Equipment Applications

Joyce/Dayton Jacks and Electric Cylinders are widely used in conveyor applications. They adjust height and width to accommodate varying product dimensions, operate tilt and transfer mechanisms, and control gates for bottling, packaging, and oven applications. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Jacks for Aluminum Industry & Smelters

Joyce/Dayton jacks are widely used in the Aluminum industry. Machine screw anode jacks precisely lower aluminum smelthing anodes and they are available in the configuration your system requires, with correct casting, base dimensions and screw ends. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Joyce Jacks in the Printing Industry

Joyce/Dayton Jacks are used by printing machine builders in a variety of production machines. Their characteristic self-locking design allows them to maintain gap adjustments on slitters, and laminators. (read more)