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MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Provide Protection to Boeing 787

As we move into the final phases of travel restrictions from the COVID-19 Pandemic, many people will be taking to the air once more for global travel. And with fuel shortages in some parts of the world, concern for environmental preservation, and post-pandemic economic challenges, there is more demand than ever for lighter, cleaner aircraft to satisfy our wanderlust in the most efficient... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Wilorco Calls for Power Supply Protection MAX-260

Defense Subcontractor Wilorco Calls for Power Supply Protection by MAX-260 Power TVS Diode in Construction of Navy’s Block V Virginia-class Submarine (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Protecting Sensitive Electronic Circuits

Today, our use of technology is unprecedented even on an individual level. Many laborious activities have been automated to improve their efficiency and convenience, and new ways of entertaining ourselves have been conjured up altogether. Electronic circuits make automation possible and have advanced rapidly with each new call for “better, faster, and more innovative.”

Co (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Select the Best TVS Diode for your Electronics

Every electrical or electronic application requires circuit protection whose purpose is not only to protect the application but to advance the safety of people. Circuit protection devices protect sensitive electronic applications against imminent damages as a result of overvoltage, overcurrent, power surges, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and other catastrophic events that could be caused... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - TVS diodes-Parasitic Capacitance&Steps to Avoid it

The rapid evolution of electronics has led to increased density in circuits as well as higher operating frequencies in order to achieve higher performance, decreased size and lower power consumption. With the reduction of dimensions and spacing between components these are also becoming increasingly sensitive to any power anomalies in the circuit such as transient voltages. High density... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Types of thyristors and their uses

What is a thyristor? Types of thyristors and their uses

Thyristors are an interesting class of semiconductor devices. They share similar characteristics with other solid-state components made from silicon, like diodes and transistors. Therefore, distinguishing thyristors from diodes and transistors could be difficult. To add to the difficulty, there are different types of t... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Clamping Diodes And Their Application

Clamping Diodes And Their Application

In just about any circuit, you are sure to find diodes. As simple as they are, these devices perform important functions that can be the difference between a circuit functioning as they should or failing. The nature of diodes lends them their importance. They are made from doped silicon or germanium semiconductors, and the level of dopi... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - MDE's MAX15KA Radial Lead

MAX15KA Series Radial Lead Power Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode with voltages ranging from 33.0 V to 190.0 V. (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - MDE announces addition to MAX Power Series

MDE Semiconductor, Inc., announced the latest addition to their popular MAX Power TVS Series! (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - MDE Semiconductor Parts Used in F35 Lightning II

No passengers like a delayed, rerouted, or canceled flight on account of bad weather. De-icing the plane is a critical process – and not just for passenger flights. We’re proud to share that once again, MDE Semiconductor, Inc. parts have been implemented in military aircraft. We return to Lockheed Martin’s F35 Lightning II: this time in the ice protection systems design... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Low Capacitance TVS Diode Series in Medical

MDE Low Capacitance TVS Diode Series used in medical applications include LC-3KP (3000 Watt) Low Capacitance Bi-directional Series. (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Clamping Diodes Offers Protection - Overvoltages

Voice Activation Technology Applications in Military: Clamp Diodes Offer Protection Against Overvoltages

“Look Mama, no hands!” says the child about to perform a fascinating trick, while said parent looks on with a mix of fear and excitement. It seems our fascination with performing activities hands-free is innate. Voice-activated technology might be the fulfilm... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - The Many Uses of Drones

The Many Uses of Drones: TVS Diodes Manufacturer Discusses the Future of Drone Technology

After the year that was 2020, drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) have never looked so lovely. Regions all over the world went into various stages of lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and entire industries were brought to their knees. In some quarters, the spotlight sett... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - How a High Power TVS Diode Ensures Protection

Today’s battlefield no longer refers to a patch of land. 21st century warfare includes a range of technological advances that would make the average citizen’s head spin, including an entire division for electronic warfare. This includes activities like electro-optical, infrared and radio frequency countermeasures; radio and radar jamming (and anti-jamming); masking... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - How TVS Diode Operation Boosts Efficiency

In a military world, victory can be held in the details. The more we know about our opponent’s movement, their mechanical and technological capabilities, and environmental conditions can sometimes be the edge needed for triumph – or at least survival.

The source of military data capture, therefore, must be reliable. Data sensors need to be versatile and scalable. A var... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - What’s New in Military Communication?

What’s New in Military Communication? An Assessment of MDE Semiconductor, Inc.’s SMDMAX15KA Power TVS Diode Series

Amid the chaos, when adrenaline levels are at their peak, and there’s little time to spare, the last thing a soldier needs is bad information. Reliable communication channels can be the difference between life and death when soldiers need to s... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - TVS Power Diodes Are Helping Military Tech

Self-Healing Robots and Military Equipment, Sci-Fi or Reality? How TVS Power Diodes Are Helping Design the Future of Military Tech

Robots for different military platforms are soon becoming the norm, but not everyone is convinced. One of the factors preventing their full acceptance is whether they can perform independently and not become an additional burden. Besides, in the... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Accelerating Modernization with TVS Semiconductors

The Navy’s Unmanned Vessels Plans: Accelerating Modernization with TVS Semiconductors

That the US Navy wants to modernize is no longer news. In a previous article, we talked about plans to revamp its large surface combatant — an iterative process integrating modern technologies into proven combat systems, namely the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.

The pre... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Defense Against Drones and the TVS Power Promise

Defense Against Drones and the TVS Power Promise from MDE Semiconductor, Inc.

In September 2019, drones were used to attack the state-owned Saudi Aramco oil processing facilities in Saudi Arabia. You would think it was the first time someone had the unfortunate idea to use drone technology to cause mayhem to property, considering the number of headlines generated by the att... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - MAX-200 TVS Power Diode Sails Forward

he US Navy is gearing up for a major re-design of their large surface combatant vehicles, and we’ll be along for the ride! A recent study assessed the capabilities of our current Navy fleet against contemporary adversaries, and its revelations will have a significant impact on the future of the US Navy. Now, the most recent budget reveal from the Navy shows that they’ve commi... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Complex Circuitry Challenges of Mobile Robots

Honestly, it’s a headline that reads straight from a sci fi movie. A global pandemic pushing all of humanity indoors in isolation, while a new generation of robots takes over the labor force in factories and hospitals.

Either way, it’s the reality we’re facing today. We are in the thick of this COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide to date, we’ve lost over 10... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - 5G and The Next Generation - Military Intelligence

Faced with the need to modernize and stand up to new threats and forms of warfare, the US military intends to take advantage of 5G capabilities. The move has strategic implications on the battlefield. Modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will be enhanced by the data sharing and processing potential of 5G. These benefits will bring about cascading effec... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Voltage Clamps Lend Their Support

Strengthened by the rapid advancement of technology which is also accessible to our country’s adversaries, the nature of war is changing. Consequently, one of the Army’s priorities is to modernize its ground forces and robotic combat vehicles (RCVs) are a feature of the development.

Why robotic vehicles? Like most other technological transformations, the objective is t... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - TVS Diodes Offer Protection and High Performance

The Rise and Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Military Applications. TVS Diodes Offer Protection and High Performance to Mission Critical Hardware

Disrupt or be disrupted. It seems everywhere you turn, some industry or company has applied Artificial Intelligence technology to improve one aspect or another of their operations. In our data-rich and hyper-connected world, th... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - The Important Role Power TVS Diodes Play

Drones Vs. Fighter Jets – The Important Role Power TVS Diodes Play

The debate rages on regarding which direction the US military should take, between more advanced fighters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to stay ahead of air warfare and defend her skies. There are many factors involved as well as different stakeholder interests.

As a manufacturer of trans... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - High Power TVS Diodes Can Help with That!

Military Tanks That Run on Electricity? High Power TVS Diodes Can Help with That!

In a few years, the US Army could be rolling out battle tanks that run on electricity to a significant extent, if not fully. If it can be demonstrated that no loss in operational effectiveness will be experienced, the electric tank presents numerous benefits.

First, it would decrease th... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - TVS Design Helps Drive Ever-Growing Applications

How Cutting-Edge TVS Design Helps Drive the Ever-Growing Applications of Commercial Drones

Drones are revolutionizing the way we gather data and therefore the way we do business today. The reason? Their reach and operating costs are many times cheaper compared to conventional methods relying on manual labor or manned aircraft. In addition, drones make it possible to perform... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Surge Protection Devices - Cell Towers Stay Online

When Lightning Strikes, Surge Protection Devices Ensure Cell Towers Stay Online

The digitization of every aspect of our lives puts a spotlight on the infrastructure that makes it all possible. Business, social and personal activities are impacted by our connectivity and the ease with which we share data, especially on mobile. Even though new technology is coming up t... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - RFID Technology Is Revolutionizing Businesses

RFID Technology Is Revolutionizing Businesses: A Look at How TVS Semiconductor Devices Protect RFID Circuits

Tracking merchandise to prevent losses is a popular use for RFID technology. By fitting goods, vehicles, even pets with RFID tags, their whereabouts are easier to pinpoint. Other applications include access control, toll roads, event attendee tracking, bus/railway ti... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - How MOSFETs and TVS Diodes Prevent Power Losses

Electric Vehicles Are on the Rise: How MOSFETs and TVS Diodes Prevent Power Losses

Power and performance remain important objectives in the electric vehicle industry. Consumers already accustomed to the capabilities of vehicles using fossil fuels require electric vehicles to perform similarly (if not better) for mass adoption. At the heart of converting electricity to motio... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode Put to the Test

Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode Put to the Test in Aeronautical Systems’ Remote Aircraft

The military often sets the pace with groundbreaking technology that later gets adopted commercially. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), commonly referred to as drones, are the latest example. Their use in emergency services, customs and border protection, weather and agricultu... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Powerful Custom Telecommunications - SPD

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. + Transtector Systems Partner for Powerful Custom Telecommunications Surge Protection Device

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2017, the digital economy accounted for 6.9 percent of the U.S. GDP and almost 5.1 million jobs{1}. Goods and activities covered by their definition of the digital economy fell into three categories: e-commerce... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - US Military F-35 Lightning II

Follow-up: US Military F-35 Lightning II Demonstrates Cutting-Edge Tech (Fitted with Our 5.0SMLJ Series TVS Diode from MDE Semiconductor, Inc.)

The wealth of information we have available at our fingertips has changed everything about the way we live. The way we do warfare has also changed, although the principles to success remain the same—the capability to make quic... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Guide to RTCA/DO 160 Testing

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. Guide to RTCA/DO 160 Testing of Sensitive Electronics in Avionics

As aviation technologies continue to modernize with global players and competing interests involved, recognized standards to govern manufacturers, suppliers and designers are necessary to maintain high levels of safety and performance. The Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics pub... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - 5.0SMLJ Series TVS Diode-On-Board Surge Protection

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. 5.0SMLJ Series TVS Diode Used for On-Board Surge Protection in F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft Cockpits

When lives are on the line, what critical components do the leading aerospace engineers rely on to protect the complex circuitries on board the world’s most-powerful fighter jet?

The answer is the 5.0MLJ12A TVS Diode from non... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Snapback and the ideal ESD protection solution

Electrostatic discharges (ESD) are sudden and transient electric flows that usually occur unseen and unheard and yet can inflict massive damage in sensitive electronic circuits if they have sufficient energy.

The sizes of semiconductor devices and their components (microchips, gate oxide thickness) are ever-shrinking to improve their speed and performance. However, their thin dime... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Varistor vs TVS Diode

What Is A Varistor vs TVS Diode? How To Select The Best Varistor To Protect Your Circuit

A varistor is a device whose resistance varies with the voltage across its terminals, but in a non-linear relationship. A few electrical devices exhibit this behavior, but the term “varistor” is reserved for components that dissipate energy in a solid material and not in a j... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - MAX-200 TVS High Current Diode

MAX-200 TVS High Current Diode Installed for System Circuit Protection Aboard Navy Destroyers

When aerospace manufacturing giant Boeing was tasked with designing a new IT network on board the US Navy’s upgraded Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers, finding the right surge protection equipment was critical. When a lightning strike, power surge, or operational imbalan... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - TVS Diodes in Aerospace & Defense’s Transformation

At MDE Semiconductor, Inc., we’ve been keeping our finger on the pulse of digital transformation on a global scale. As a manufacturer of TVS Diodes that keep complex electronic circuits running seamlessly, we are closely watching the trends of digital transformation in the Aerospace & Defense industry to ensure our products will meet and surpass demands as they evolve.

M... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - The Right TVS Diode to Protect Complex Circuits

How to Choose the Right TVS Diode to Protect Complex Circuits

A major aspect of system protection for complex circuits in an unreliable industrial environment is the selection of the right TVS Diode.

Circuits are designed to handle a specific voltage limit, within which they operate safely and in optimal condition. But when this voltage is exceeded, the signal lines... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - ESD Protection with TVS Diode in Embedded Systems

Embedded system design is a complex process and often, overlooking ESD protection can result in serious post-deployment issues. A design that’s missing a Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode can potentially result in a barrage of complaints from angry customers and product recalls. Such a scenario is practically a nightmare for any embedded systems design engineers.

In this ar... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - TVS Diodes For IoT Devices – Why It Matters

IoT devices are commonplace in our everyday lives. From military applications to civilian household use, these nonstandard computing devices connect wirelessly to a network and have the ability to transmit data. However, IoT applications are plagued by unique electrical concerns that could compromise the lifespan and reliability of the connected devices. One such concern is how IoT devic... (read more)

MDE Semiconductor, Inc. - Power Supply Protection by MAX-260 Power TVS Diode

The latest round of defense contracts include the confirmation of a tenth Block V Virginia-class submarine to add to the original contract awarded by the U.S. Navy in 2019 to General Dynamics Electric Boat. When it comes to reliable surge protection of the vessel regarded as the U.S. Navy’s foremost undersea platform in stealth, intelligence gathering, and weapons systems technolog... (read more)