Minco has promoted these products / services:

Minco - Loop-Powered Indicators

Minco offers a variety of standard, industrial, and customized indicator displays suitable for hazardous areas, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and other needs where local display is important. Local indication of process variables is utilized where conventional visual verification is required. (read more)

Minco - RTD Temperature Probes

Minco offers a wide selection of RTD probes, available in a variety of configurations to meet specific application requirements for installation, performance and reliability. (read more)

Minco - Temperature Sensor Assemblies

Minco temperature sensor assemblies are durable and provide accurate and repeatable temperature measurements for years of worry free service. (read more)

Minco - Thermal-Tabs™

Compact sensors, commonly known as Thermal-Tabs™, are ideal for sensing in very small areas. Multiple point sensing elements may be used to sense multiple zone locations or even simulate an average over a larger area. (read more)

Minco - Bolt-On and Economy Sensors

Minco bolt-on sensors are designed for easy installation in industrial and commercial environments. They are removable and reusable and can be mounted on machines, against process pipes, or embedded directly into machined part. (read more)

Minco - Multi-Function CT425 Prototype Controller

Minco’s CT425 is perfect for engineering prototyping activities. This PID temperature controller is capable of reading two independent temperature sensors (RTDs). By utilizing an internal solid state relay, logic voltage output, and internal mechanical relay, the controller is fully configurable. Simply connect the CT425 to a laptop or PC to configure. (read more)

Minco - SmartHeat SLT™ Thin-Film Heaters

Minco's SmartHeat SLT (Self-Limiting Technology) heaters provide an efficient and effective alternative to traditional temperature management in Aerospace, Defense, and Medical applications. These unique devices provide consistent thermal outcomes and self-tuning in dynamic environments. (read more)

Minco - Polyimide Thermofoil Heaters

Polyimide thermofoil heaters are thin, lightweight, rugged and flexible heaters that provide highly accurate and reliable performance. They are ideal for applications with space and weight limitations or where a heater may be exposed to vacuum, oil or chemicals. (read more)

Minco - Single & Double Layer Flex Circuits

Single-sided flex printed circuits offer a number of benefits including dynamic flexing ability, which is essential in applications requiring repetitive movement of an interconnected system or sub assemblies. You'll have a clean, organized system compared to wiring harnesses, and if you want to reduce assembly errors, the single-sided flex is the best solution. (read more)