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PRI Performance360 has promoted these products / services:

PRI Performance360 - Non-Conformance Report (NCR) Resolution

Collaboratively developing a tailored Non-Conformance Report (NCR) resolution plan specifically designed to address your critical issues; and developing documents, job aids, work instructions, testing protocols and qualification samples recommended from the NCR resolution plan. (read more)

PRI Performance360 - Training and Personnel Qualification Assessment

Jointly identifying/determining training and qualification needs among staff in your company and that of your suppliers. (read more)

PRI Performance360 - Audit Question Development

Working together to establish customized audit questions which cover critical and quality processes, and quality management system requirements. (read more)

PRI Performance360 - Supply Chain Audits

Collaborating to undertake audits of your supply chain, including qualification of new suppliers and assessments of your current suppliers to check for compliance to all or some of the following: industry standards, industry-managed program audit criteria, and customer requirements. (read more)

PRI Performance360 - Custom Quality Management Services

Enabling success in critical manufacturing and quality

Optimize your internal systems

Manage your supply chain

Improve your company’s performance

Services We Offer

Through our customized services, we help you to optimize your internal systems, manage your supply chain, and improve your company’s performance... (read more)

PRI Performance360 - Internal Audits

Working with you to perform an internal audit of your Quality Management Systems and/or Critical Processes. This service can also be conducted prior to an industry-managed program accreditation or certification audit. (read more)