Pick Heaters Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Pick Heaters Inc. - Steam Injection Packaged Liquid Heating Systems

Pick Packaged Liquid Heating Systems are designed specifically to meet process industry needs efficiently and effectively, from a pilot project to a large-scale production. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Direct Steam Injection Bio-Kill Systems

Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters provide accurate temperature control and ease of maintenance for continuous flow treatment of bio-waste. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Steam Injection Industrial Liquid Heaters

Throughout industry, wherever hot water is needed...for any purpose from cooking to sanitation...Pick Direct Steam Injection will meet your needs. Available in a size and configuration to meet your exact needs, Pick Heaters will deliver efficiency, reliability, simplicity and safety to any industrial facility with hot water needs. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Steam Injection Heaters for Food Processing

The Food Industry's special challenges are perfect for Pick Direct Steam Injection. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Steam Injection Heaters for Pulp and Paper

The Paper Industry finds that Pick Direct Steam Injection heating systems consistently provide creative solutions to process heating requirements. The Pick Heater provides low velocity, low noise level and low maintenance design. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Pilot Scale Sanitary Direct Steam Injection System

Just like our award-winning production models, the pilot scale Model SC-2 meets all 3A sanitary requirements and is ideal for heating slurry-type products. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Starch Cooking with Pick Direct Steam Injection

The Pick "BX Series" of Direct Steam Injection Heaters is designed for use in paper mills where high-volumes of starch can be cooked in-line. These compact, non-plugging BX Direct Steam Injection Heaters are available to process flow rates in excess of 1000 GPM. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - BX Starch Slurry Heaters

The Pick BX Steam Injection Liquid Heating System provides instantaneous and complete cooking of cornstarch during the liquefaction process of ethanol production. The open design of the BX allows slurry flow without obstruction, at negligible pressure drop. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Sanitary Jet Cooker for Food Processing

Forget the inherent process inefficiencies and maintenance headaches of traditional batch cooking. Pick Direct Steam Injection allows you to heat in-line, with precise temperature control and 100% energy efficiency. Pick Sanitary Heaters/Cookers carry the 3A symbol. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Desuperheater Series DS

The water spray design of the Pick Heaters "Series DS" Desuperheater offers a simple, cost effective method of cooling steam to within 10°F of saturation. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Steam Injection for the Power Industry

Pick Heaters exceptional temperature control (within 1°C) as compared to other direct or indirect heating methods can play a critical role in improving plant performance from R/O treatment systems to simply pre-heating boiler feed water. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Steam Injection for Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Pick's precise and accurate temperature control is the ideal solution for demanding process heating requirements across the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. (read more)

Pick Heaters Inc. - Sanitary Heaters

The Pick Sanitary Heater heats or cooks any water miscible liquid or slurry instantly on a continuous straight through basis. (read more)