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Polyguard Products, Inc. - Alumaguard® Cool Wrap™ insulation products

Polyguard Alumaguard® Cool Wrap™ insulation cladding products

Architects and mechanical engineers adopt Cool Roofing Technology in geographies with high solar exposure. Our Alumaguard® Cool Wrap™ products match solar reflectance and emissivity criteria used on Cool Roof waterproofing membranes.

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Polyguard Products, Inc. - Polyguard's RG-2400® Solves CUI Problems

Major food & beverage producers have turned to Polyguard® RG-2400® for previously unsolved corrosion problems.For CUI applications, weatherproof insulation with Polyguard weather barrier Insulrap, ZeroPerm®,or Alumaguard® greatly reducing moisture reaching steel surface.

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Polyguard Products, Inc. - Help prevent corrosion from occurring

In the photo, applicators are installing RG-2400 AK gel, a formulation which can withstand application to pipe with surface temperature up to 250° F (121° C). This formulation can be applied by brush or glove. Fabric helps to keep the gel on the area where it was applied. The gel will not harden or set up over time. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - "Next Gen" self-healing vapor barrier membranes

Insulrap™ 30-NG products: is the "Next Generation" of self-healing vapor barrier membranes used as a moisture and vapor retarder under mechanical jacketing on insulated piping systems used in ammonia refrigeration, oil and gas, LNG, cryogenic and chemical processing applications (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - STYROFOAM™ XPS PIB

Product Name: Dow® STYROFOAM™ PIB

Manufacturer: Dow Chemical Midland, MI Sold through Polyguard® Products, Ennis,TX

Product Description: Dow STYROFOAM™ XPS PIB is a closed-cell thermal plastic, void free, seamless foam insulation billet designed for mechanical fabrication design and manufacturing.

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Polyguard Products, Inc. -  "Next Generation" vapor barrier membranes

Insulrap 30 NG products are the "Next Generation" of self-healing vapor barrier membranes used as a moisture and vapor retarder under mechanical jacketing on insulated piping systems (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Polyguard PolyPhen™ Insulation

March 2, 2016 ENNIS, TX – Patrick Dunn, Vice President of the Mechanical Products Division of Polyguard Products, is pleased to announce the introduction of PolyPhen™ Insulation into the Mechanical Insulation market.

PolyPhen has an excellent K value (.15k) and a 0,0 rating on ASTM E84; the base 2.5# closed cell foam density insulation will be orange in color.

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Polyguard Products, Inc. - A solution for hidden corrosion problems

If you have problems with Corrosion Under Insulation(CUI), in crevices, or otherwise hidden corrosion, you will find a solution here.

ReactiveGel is different from anything you've seen:

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Polyguard Products, Inc. - Alumaguard All Weather weather-proofing cladding

Alumaguard® All Weather & Alumaguard® All Weather Cool Wrap™

Alumaguard® All Weather weather-proofing cladding from Polyguard Products is the only flexible insulation cladding available in the market which combines the self-healing characteristics of rubberized asphalt with the ease of application and cold weather performance of acrylic adhesive-based... (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Weatherproof Jacketing

Polyguard's Mechanical Products Division specializes in self-adhering peel and stick flexible weatherproof claddings for duct, pipe and vessel applications; both rubberized bitumen (self-healing) and acrylic adhesion systems for ALL WEATHER installations are available (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Need Corrosion Control?

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) on Insulated Piping

The CUI problem was one of the first to be tackled by the team who developed RG-2400 at Polyguard. The reason??? Corrosion Under Insulation (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Duct and Pipe Vapor Barriers

Polyguard's Mechanical Products Division specializes in Duct and Pipe vapor barriers with standard and "peel 'n stick" vapor barriers. Insulation vapor barriers both rubberized bitumen (self-healing), acrylic adhesion systems, or tape on systems; we have the vapor barrier for your installation (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Why Phenolic Insulation is a Wise Choice

Phenolic Insulation: A Wise Choice For Chilled Water Piping

After throwing down their bags and sighing with relief, one of the first things many hotel guests do after checking in is adjust their room’s air conditioner settings. Regardless of whether they’ve booked a one-night layover in a motel or a lavish weeklong stay in a five-star resort, most guests consider room... (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Dow® Styrofoam™ XPS PIB Billets

Dow® Styrofoam™ XPS PIB is a closed-cell thermal plastic, void free, seamless foam insulation billet designed for mechanical fabrication design and manufacturing. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Alumaguard Lite White

Alumaguard Lite White is a peel-and-stick membrane primarily designed to be used indoors for mechanical rooms, food production areas or other indoor applications where a glossy white appearance is desired, and outdoors to weather-proof exterior insulated ductwork, piping or other insulated tanks, vessels and equipment. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - NHT-5600™ 2-Part Epoxy Pipeline Coating

NHT-5600™ is a 100% solid, VOC free epoxy designed to work in conjunction with FBE coated pipe and is specially formulated for extended pot life while maintaining a cure time comparable to other epoxies. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Alumaguard Weather & Vapor Proofing

Alumaguard is an exterior membrane for weather proofing and vapor proofing both duct systems and piping systems. Its proprietary self-healing rubberized asphalt compound and strong foil faced exterior film makes it the perfect weather proofing jacket for your system. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Alumaguard for Cold Temperature Asphalt Installs

Alumaguard® All Weather solves the problem of installing a rubberized asphalt product in cold temperatures. We created a hybrid product by combining Alumaguard Lite with our standard Alumaguard to create a self healing product which would install in low temperatures without the use of a solvent based activator or heat... (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Alumaguard Lite Flexible Jacketing and Cladding

Alumaguard® Lite flexible weather-proofing cladding from Polyguard Products is one of the family of Alumaguard cladding products that offers superior cold weather performance, ease of handling and application and true zero perm performance. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - AlumaGlide™ Gliding Insulation Saddles Shields

AlumaGlide™ is the best and most effective way to allow for lineal pipe movement at pipe stands or hanger locations in a piping system which expands and contracts. This gliding system saves your jacketing integrity by absorbing the movement instead of your jacketing and vapor barrier taking that punishment. A saddle that allows for movement... (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - Insulrap™ Family of Products

Polyguard's Insulrap™ family of peel 'n stick vapor retarder membranes are designed as self-healing, zero perm, vapor barrier membranes for cold piping systems (under jacket) and for direct burial applications. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - RG-2400 LT & RG-2400 ET

Rg-2400® LT and RG-2400 ET are the industrial versions of our ReactiveGel® product line. RG-2400® LT is our low temperature product used primarily on below ambient systems, however it can go as high as 230°F. RG-2400 ET is our elevated temperature product with an upper temperature limit of 350°F. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - RG-CHW Corrosion Protection

RG-CHW is a surface conversion compound utilizing mineralization technology, or the "science of Minetics." RG-CHW is gel compound which replaces the corrosion process by growing a mineral formation on and into the metal surface 50-200 angstroms thick. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - ZeroPerm Vapor Barrier Membrane

ZeroPerm® vapor barrier membrane from Polyguard Products is an absolute "zero perm" barrier that provides maximum protection for all types of insulations used in below ambient, sub-freezing and cryogenic applications on duct, pipe, or vessel systems. (read more)

Polyguard Products, Inc. - IRO Impact Resistand Outer Wrap

POLYGUARD IRO (Impact Resistant Outerwrap) consists of a strong fiberglass wrap that is pre-impregnated with a water activated resin that hardens in minutes. IRO has many uses, a hard outerwrap where damage is bound to occur, such as pulling a pipe through a bore hole. (read more)