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Rotomation, Inc. - Custom Designed Actuators

A customer came to us recently to design and build a new product from the ground up. They needed to build a new bottling machine to handle filling their customer’s unique bottle design with very caustic materials.

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Once we determined the full requirements, we designed and manufactured a new rotary actuator with an attached gripper unit, all in 316 s... (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Quality Actuators and Drives for over 50 Years!!

Rotomation's customers have been relying on our actuators and drives for their manufacturing needs for over 50 years. Our success comes from the success of our customers, because providing a high-quality, rugged product, built to their exact specifications, with unmatched reliability, and combining that with our unrelenting service and support, means we all benefit.

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Rotomation, Inc. - Online Configurator for Rotomation Actuators

With billions of standard configurations possible to fit your exact needs, you can use our online configurator to:

  • Configure the Actuator Options for your Application
  • Preview the Configured Model on your Screen
  • Download 2D and 3D CAD Files in Your Choice of 20 Formats
  • Obtain a Configured Part Number to Request a Quote
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Rotomation, Inc. - Indexing Actuators for Conveyors, Packaging & More

The Rotomation Indexing Actuator is a unique pneumatic device that reliably provides shaft rotation in precise steps in one direction without cumulative error. It shares a number of components with a normal rack and pinion rotary actuator.


  • Indexing conveyors
  • Walking beam
  • Packaging (i.e. carton up-ender)
  • Index t...
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Rotomation, Inc. - Design Your Own Actuator

With Rotomation's smorgasbord of options you can design a pneumatic actuator to suit your needs exactly, rather than having to design around a standardized product. To optimize your design, we can provide special modifications and still ship within days. Rotomation has been building accurate, rugged pneumatic actuators since 1976.Click here for an example on designing an Actuator (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Multi-Position Rotary Actuators

Rotomation's multi-positition rotary actuators are available in a wide range of sizes and with 3, 4, or 5 positions. They are useful for sorting, positioning of parts for multiple operations, or use in multi-mode operations. (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Miniature 3-Position Rotary Actuator

The A032 three position rotary actuator from Rotomation rotates to three distinct positions in any sequence using standard directional control valves. This tiny actuator fits in the palm of your hand yet has substantial torque and heavy ball bearings. Can be configured to suit your application with a wide variety of options, assembled to order and delivered in a few days. (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Turn Parts While Eliminate Twisting Hoses

This miniature rotary actuator can rotate products held by a vacuum cup attached to its shaft. The input vacuum port on the rear remains stationary to eliminate twisting hoses. (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Multi Motion Pneumatic Actuators

Rotomation Multi Motion Actuators provide both rotary and linear motion in a single package. The motions are independently controlled and configured for maximum flexibility. This design avoids the need for twisting airlines or manifolds and is ideal for applications where space is limited. (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Rotomation Tie Rod Rotary Actuators

Rotomation Tie Rod Rotary Actuators of 1 to 2 inch bore are the most rugged and versatile actuators available. With their one-piece, heat treated alloy steel pinion shafts, precision ground racks in replaceable bearings, floating pistons, and oversize bearings, these actuators are meant to take a beating. (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Compact, High Speed Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

The Rotomation AL75 Rotary Actuator has a unique, patented design ideally suited to high speed, high cycle applications. Its low cost and compact footprint open up possibilities for OEMs. The soft start/soft stop action reduces shock and noise. The AL75 is available fully sealed for washdown protection, and can be produced in alternative materials including stainless steel or PET... (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Four & Five Position Actuators from Rotomation

With internal stops and one or two sets of auxiliary cylinders used for the two or three intermediate positions, respectively, our four and five-position actuators are built to resemble their two-position counterparts, except for the external auxiliary cylinders that add to the overall length of the unit. Available in all our main actuator sizes, with (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Multi Position Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

Rotomation Multi-Position Rotary Actuators offer a simple, rugged solution to positioning applications. They are available in three, four, and five position configurations in a variety of sizes, and can be commanded to move in any sequence using standard directional control valves. Any combination of angles can be specified, and the clocking of the keyway is also up to the designe... (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - A032 Miniature Dual Rack Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

The Rotomation A032 Miniature Rotary Actuator packs ten pounds into a five pound sack. It produces nine inch pounds of torque at 80 PSI, has a heat treated 3/8 inch pinion shaft, and sealed ball bearings good for 300 pounds of radial load, all in a package 1.5 X 1.5 X 2.0 inches (2.5" for up to 190 degrees). (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Actuators, Patented Designs, Unmatched Performance

You won't find actuators like these elsewhere! Patented designs, unmatched performance... is what set us apart! (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - A752 Compact Rotary Actuator

The A752 is designed to produce substantial amounts of torque in a small package. Its dual rack construction also eliminates gear lash at the ends of the stroke for precise positioning of parts. Its standard ball bearings, roller burnished cylinder bores and one-piece heat treated alloy steel pinion shaft contribute to its unparalleled resilience and long life. (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Compact, Rugged 3-Position Actuator

The A032 three-position actuator from Rotomation has an auxiliary body that houses two pistons with limit rods that provide a positive stop at the actuator's middle position with near-zero lash. Depending on the combination of pressurized and exhausted ports, the actuator can reach any of its 3 positions from any other position in any desired sequence. Like its two-position counterpart,... (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Actuators For High Cycle Ratios and Long Life

Rotomation is dedicated to provide value-added solutions for our customers and we thrive with their success. We are a customer-focused operation, always accessible for our distributors and end users. Below a few benefits our customers enjoy.

High Quality Products

Rotomation actuators are designed for high cycle rates and long life expectancy. We stand behind our prod... (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Pneumatic Indexing Drive

Rotomation's Indexing Actuators are unique pneumatic drives that are simple, robust, and low in cost. They require only a standard four way valve to operate. A wide variety of optional features are available so the indexer can be configured precisely to the engineer's needs.

  • Cycle rates over 100 per minute
  • Shafts from 3/8 inch to 1 inch diameter
  • Torq...
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Rotomation, Inc. - Pneumatic Drive for Indexing Conveyor

The Rotomation indexer is a low cost, simple solution for driving indexing conveyors for use in food, packaging, assembly, and other applications. Rugged and precise, with no accumulating error, the indexer can be used in harsh or explosive environments. Steps from 12 to 360 degrees are available. Torque on shop air ranges from 12 in lb to 410 in lb, with shaft sizes from 3/8 in to 1 in... (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Pneumatic Actuators for Automation

Rotomation Pneumatic Actuators are unique, configurable and rugged. Since 1967, Rotomation has maintained its service and product reputation in the manufacture of practical, durable, rotary actuators that produce a variety of shaft motions. They provide direct process actuation for reliable, high speed operation. All units are assembled to order; about 40% of them are spec... (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Simple, Low Cost Pneumatic Indexing Drive

The Rotomation indexing actuator is a unique pneumatic device that reliably provides shaft rotation in precise steps in one direction without cumulative error. For repetitive rotary indexing, it is a low cost substitute for a servo or stepper drive, and is controlled using a simple four way directional control valve. (read more)

Rotomation, Inc. - Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuator

The Rotomation indexing actuator is a rack and pinion rotary actuator with the addition of a pair of one-way roller clutches and a ratchet and pawl mechanism to produce a true indexing action. The ratchet is keyed to the shaft, so stopping points are always fixed, with no accumulating error possible. This mechanism makes it possible to produce steps of 15 to 360 degrees per stroke. (read more)