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Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Metering Pump Ideal for Chemical Processing

Hydra-Cell S Series metering pumps are ideal for low-flow, low- pressure requirements in a wide range of chemical processing applications. S Series pumps feature an innovate design to minimize dead space and prevent air entry and build-up inside the pump. In case air or another gas does enter the pump and impede chemicals from being discharged, each S Series model has an easy-to-use mech... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - QR codes on Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell Pumps

All Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell products will now have a sticker with a QR Code to access installation, operation & Maintenance (IOM) manuals or other technical information online.

Customers can scan the QR code or enter the URL printed on the sticker to view a digital copy of the relevant material. Although printed manuals are being phased out, there will be a crossover per... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Multiple-diaphragm Pumps Deliver "Pulseless" Flow

Can Multiple-diaphragm pumps deliver "pulse-less" flow? This report, from Wanner Engineering, defines what is meant by a positive displacement multiple-diaphragm pump and how its design provides linear, virtually pulse-less fluid delivery. It illustrates the pumping technology and details the advantages of the design and the superior metering performance per API 675 as it relates to stan... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - T200 Seal-less Pump: No Packing to Leak or Replace

Featuring a seal-less, packing-free design, the Hydra-Cell T200 Series Medium Pressure pump lowers the cost of ownership, reduces maintenance needs, and provides a longer service life than competitive pumping technologies. With flow capacities to 95 gpm (359.6 l/min; 3258 BPD) it is ideal for oil and gas production, mining operations, boiler feed, high-pressure cleaning, and other applic... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - "Pulse-free" Metering with Hydra-Cell Pumps

Hydra-Cell metering pumps are compact, cost-effective and, more importantly, can provide virtually pulse-free, linear flow. Built upon our industry hallmark Hydra-Cell pump technology, with forty plus years of proven performance and reliability in the toughest industrial applications, these pumps are the undisputed pump of choice for trouble-fre... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Hydra-Cell MT8 Triplex Metering Pump

The newest attention to the selection of Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions pumps, the MT8 model triplex metering pump exceeds API 675 performance standards and provides virtually pulse-free flow without the need for expensive pulsation dampeners. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - P600 Pump Series

The P600 series is a versatile, Reliable Pumps for a Wide Range of Applications, designed to handel a wide range of lfuids from clean to thick slurries. Other features include:

  • Electronic flow control increases accuracy and reliability
  • Multiple diaphragm design provides linear, virtually pulse-less flow
  • Smaller footprint saves valuable space
  • O
(read more)
Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Hydra-Cell SP/ST/SA Model Solenoid Metering Pumps

Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions S Series electronic/solenoid diaphragm metering pumps are practical and efficient pumps for chemical injection. SP, ST & SA models have pulse-in (SP), pulse-in with timer, (ST) or pulse-in/analog-in (SA) control and stroke adjustment in 1-stroke increments up to 300 strokes per minute. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Hydra-Cell SM Model Solenoid Metering Pumps

Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions S Series electronic/solenoid diaphragm metering pumps are practical and efficient pumps for chemical injection. SM models are low in cost and easy to operate, featuring a simple hand-operated speed stroke dial. Each pump runs at a maximum of 300 strokes per minute and a minimum of 15 strokes per minute. Discharge volume can be set up to the max... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Hydra-CellĀ® T100 Series Pumps

Hydra-Cell® T100 Series Pumps have an exclusive seal-less diaphragm design. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - F20 Series (US) / G20 Series (Metric)

Versatile, Reliable Pumps for a Wide Range of Applications (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Hydra-Cell Seal-less Pumping

Wanner Engineering Hydar-Cell pumps have a seal-less compact design and it handles fluids that destroy other pumps. General market segments include: Automotive, Machine Tool, Oil and Gas Productions, Semiconductor, Water Treatment, Chemical, Agricultural and Horticulture. Visit for more information. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - New Hydra-Cell Multi-Function Metering Controller

The exclusive new "Control Freak" electronic controller provides motor speed control for Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions pumps (or Hydra-Cell bare shaft pumps in metering applications) with an easy-to-use color touch-screen display. This state-of-the-art technology provides optimum speed control based on your desired flow and pressure ratings, calibration and batching programs and... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Metering Pumps with Aflas Diaphragms

Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions pumps are now available with Alfas diaphragms as well as Brass manifolds. Aflas is a copolymer elastomer that is resistant to extreme heat, acids and alkalis. It is compatible for use when pumping water or alcohol, and in various chemical environments. Brass provides a lower-cost alternative to Stainless Steel and Hastelloy® when the higher discharge pre... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Hydra-Cell Seal-less Machine Tool Coolant Pumps

The use of high-pressure cooling for machine tool operations has increased significantly in recent years because of the added benefits it provides in lubrication, removal of abrasive chips and the cleaning and cooling of grinding wheels. Seal-less and compact, Hydra-Cell pumps reduce costs, improve cutting performance and boost productivity when pumping machine tool coolant. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - See Video - Run Dry, Seal-less Flow Pumps

Hydra-Cell's unique seal-less, hydraulically-balanced diaphragm pumps provide the perfect answer to your pumping needs. From abrasive to non-lubricating fluids, Hydra-Cell's pumps feature non-pulsing flow for accuracy, linearity and repeatability, can run dry without damage and provide phenomenal energy and maintenance savings. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - See Video of Pulse-less Metering Pump

Hydra-Cell's multiple diaphragm design has revolutionized the metering pump industry by providing linear, "pulse-less" flow. Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions Pumps eliminate the need for costly pulsation dampeners while improving accuracy and reliability. Linear flow technology not only eliminates the costs associated with dampening but also improves upon API 675 performance s... (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Hydra-Cell Positive Displacement Diaphragm Pumps

Hydra-Cell's unique seal-less, hydraulically-balanced diaphragm pump handles difficult applications eliminating problematic mechanical seals, packing or magnetic couplings. The compact design reduces space requirements and acquisition costs, and the multiple diaphragm configuration provides non-pulsing flow for accuracy, linearity and repeatability. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Stan-Cor Series Centrifugal Pumps

Specifically designed to handle abrasive, corrosive, dirty and reclaim process fluids like no other, StanCor Ansi Centrifugal pumps set the industry standard for corrosive and abrasive process fluid applications. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Hydra-Cell Pumps Deliver In-Plant Cleaning Savings

In the food processing industry, a typical in-plant cleaning system operates continuously to maintain system pressure whether cleaning is occurring or not. During the food processing shifts, only 25% of the flow output of the system is required. That equates to 75% wasted energy. Adding Hydra-Cell pumps to the current system can save tens of thousands of dollars per year. (read more)

Wanner Engineering, Inc. - Peristaltic Pump for Heavy Duty Ind. Applications

Vector's peristaltic pump improves on the industry standard for hose life with its unique roller designs which require less starting torque and result in less hose abrasion than the typical pressure-shoe designs. Vector's heavy duty industrial pumps can handle thin fluid to abrasive slurries and the externally lubricated hose allows indefinite run-dry operation. (read more)