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(Temperature Sensing)
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A medical manufacturer needed to find a way to control the heat sealing of plastic bags and pouches containing sterilized supplies. If the sealing equipment did not apply enough heat, a hermetic seal... (View Full Article)
(Desktop Personal Computers)
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A large Midwest food processor needed a low-cost and reliable solution to accurately control the batches of oil and water pumped into mixing tanks for the manufacture of corn chips and potato chips.... (View Full Article)
(Industrial and Engineering Software)
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Setting up programmable 1/8 DIN instruments from the front panel can be a challenge using only four front panel pushbuttons. The more programmable features there are, the more choices to be made, the... (View Full Article)
(Encoders and Resolvers)
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Floating oil drilling platforms must be positioned accurately over undersea oil deposits before the platform's four legs can be dropped to secure the platform. Fine position control is achieved by... (View Full Article)
(Pressure Sensing)
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A Southeast chemical plant of liquid fertilizers needed a practical way to read out the content of liquid storage tanks based on pressure at the bottom of the tank. The challenge was that the tanks... (View Full Article)