Azima DLI is the only global machine condition monitoring company to combine advanced technology, expert analysts and a web delivery model that provides plant managers with knowledge they need to ensure machinery uptime and reduced maintenance cost.

Choosing the right CBM outsource partner is a very important decision. You need a partner that can provide expertise in multiple CBM technologies, has the size and depth to efficiently manage a sustainable CBM program and deliver quality machine condition assessments. The right partner will reduce your overall CBM expense, and provide the peace of mind that the world’s foremost machinery experts are monitoring your critical equipment. The right partner delivers timely information and analytics in a web format that provides transparency into your program. The right partner is Azima DLI.

Azima DLI

Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN Reliability Services™ offer enterprise and plant level clients outstanding value:

  • Unsurpassed expertise - Put your machine data in front of the world’s most talented and experienced machine condition analysts
  • Sustainable programs – No longer does your program success depend on an individual’s performance, level of expertise or availability
  • Cost savings – Watchman Reliability Services typically cost less than operating in-house programs
  • Instantly accessible information – You'll get current health status and actionable recommendations and data immediately available via the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal™
  • Program success – Structured processes and dedicated program managers enhance the expertise of Azima DLI skilled analysts, ensuring that your program will thrive
  • Worldwide reach – Azima DLI has worldwide reach using Internet technologies and worldwide data collection partners, offering you a centralized analysis resource that can capture common equipment failure modes and systemic problems that span some or all of your plants
  • 24/7 expert monitoring – Your critical equipment can be monitored by Azima DLI experts around the clock with WATCHMAN Remote™ monitoring service
  • Machine critical care – When an important machine is in trouble, but must be kept in operation, our portable online systems can be deployed so that our remote experts can closely monitor its status until it can be secured for repairs
  • Benefit from all CBM technologies – We apply the right technology to best assess the condition of your critical equipment; vibration, oil analysis, infrared thermography, reciprocating compressor analysis and motor/ battery testing

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