Bemis Associates Inc. - Rolls Bemis is a major manufacturer of thermoplastic adhesives, tapes and specialty film products that serve various markets throughout the world. Their products are specified in a number of industries for use in many different applications. From textile to industrial and apparel to building panels, they provide cost effective solutions that often solve complex technical challenges within a manufacturing process.

For nearly 100 years, Bemis has built upon their adhesive technology and industry expertise to provide their customers with advanced thermo sensitive adhesive films…… solutions that are designed to meet the demanding requirements of unique applications.

Bemis Associates Inc. - Seam Tape You're probably wondering what's the common thread between Adhesives, Specialty Films and Seam Tape. All of these Bemis products utilize thermoplastics and involve an in-depth knowledge about how they behave when manufactured, as well their performance in the final application.

Bemis has perfected the extrusion process to provide the most advanced multi-layered films and tapes as well as being able to efficiently produce single-layer adhesive coatings. Bemis offers a wide range of adhesive formulas to serve it's diverse customer base. From polyurethanes, polyesters, polyolefins to nylons and vinyl coatings, Bemis films can satisfy your requirements.

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