Boston Electronics CorporationFounded in 1977, Boston Electronics Corporation specializes in UV, visible and IR photodetection components and in signal processing electronics for photodetection.  Light sources associated with photodetection including tunable IR Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) and picosecond lasers for TCSPC are another specialty.  Boston Electronics Corporation

  • Analog Photodetectors for the UV, visible and IR
  • Analog signal processing electronics (amplifiers, choppers, lock ins, etc)
  • Digital (Photon Counting) detectors (UV, Vis, NIR)
  • Digital TCSPC photon counting electronics
  • Lidar transient recorders
  • Light Sources - Quantum Cascade Lasers, IR LEDs, Photonic Crystals, and thermal sources (IR only)
  • Applications of TCSPC including fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy

Boston Electronics Corporation specializes in products related to photodetection including detectors, sources and signal processing electronics.

 UV Detectors   IR Detectors  IR Thermal Sources  Quantum Cascade Lasers  Lock in Amplifiers  TCSPC

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