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Category: DC-AC Inverters
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CE+T Power

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A Power Conversion specialist

Making sure that your business keeps going even when your electric power source fails is our daily mission at CE+T Power.

Whatever the power source (DC or AC), our Inverters, Modular UPS, Remote Line Powering and Off Grid Powering solutions will be there to secure your critical applications.

CE+T Power products guarantee up-time for critical AC load infrastructures. Our products ensure that your systems and operations continue to run and thus secure your revenue-generating activities.

Plus we have developed the most efficient inverter available on the market today – potentially saving you thousands of dollars in running costs and guaranteeing a very fast return-on-investment.

But simply placing products doesn’t guarantee up-time, however. That’s why we also offer installation, service, site audits, and full maintenance.

And, we also design our solution cabinets for easy installation and customer connection.

Reliability. Simplicity. Low Financial Impact. These are no mere buzzwords for us at CE+T Power! This is the criterion that leads every decision taken when developing our products.

In addition, we also put our 60+ years expertise in Power Solutions to help you solve any issue you might encounter in this field.

Founded in 1934, CE+T Power has been specializing in power electronics since the 1960’s and has invented the modular inverter in the end of the 1980’s.

Based in Belgium, China, India, Luxembourg and the USA, we capitalize on the diversity of our global organization to empower your business’ continuity by providing modular, highly efficient AC & DC power solutions that will help you contain your Operating Expenses and reduce your Carbon footprint.

CE+T Power’s vision is to stay the leading supplier of modular power solutions in the market. Our aim is to lead the way in power technology and be a driving force in the industry.

When the supply of power is your most demanding, and most critical issue …
CE+T Power is the solution!

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