Welcome to Custom Coils, your go-to location for custom transformers and other specialty magnetic components. Companies all over the world that rely on magnetic components for their own production have trusted in Custom Coils to deliver the parts they need since 1967. Custom Coils not only manufactures parts like custom transformers, it also creates designs specifically to meet the needs of its individual clients.

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Custom Coils, Inc. - SDProven Leader in the Magnetics Industry
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Custom Coils' products are manufactured in the United States in their Alcester, South Dakota headquarters. Since their inception, they have become a proven leader in the magnetic industry by building a reputation for dependability, for their use of solid, reliable manufacturing techniques and their willingness to custom design parts and build them to client specifications. Whether a client needs a custom transformer, DC igniters, antennas, air coils or beyond, Custom Coils delivers world-class products with a level of service that is second to none.

At Custom Coils, their clients are the backbone of their business. To meet customers' unique needs, Custom Coils employs a staff of more than 100 employees to serve 140-plus active accounts. Ensuring that an outstanding level of service is maintained for all accounts is priority No. 1. They achieve this by offering personalized service to each customer. Their engineers build their own samples and customer service is provided directly by a key manager. Their top management even visits all customers directly to ensure maximum satisfaction with their products.

When your company needs magnetic components, you’ll find at Custom Coils their expertise includes such product areas as:

Custom Coils Power transformers
Custom Coils' typical custom transformers that fit the power category range from dime size to large car battery size. Their engineers can create a custom transformer of this type to meet your exact needs.
Custom Coils High voltage transformers
Creating custom transformers designed for high voltage is one of Custom Coils' specialties. Their line is ideal for such formats as low profile, split section, PC mount, high voltage exit and more.
Custom Coils Trigger transformers
With growth in the production of lasers and flash lamps, the need for trigger transformers is on the rise. At Custom Coils, they also specialize in the production of these custom transformers.

Custom Coils

Switch mode transformers
Electronic applications often call for the use of switch mode transformers. Custom Coils custom designs and builds these to meet client’s specific needs.

Custom Coils

Toroidal transformers
Custom Coils offers more than 40 years experience in the area of designing and building these high-performing custom transformers.

Custom Coils

DC igniters
Custom Coils has been involved in winding and building 12V DC igniters for decades. Their igniters are used worldwide.

Custom Coils

Antennas and air coils
Custom Coils brings more than four decades of experience to the manufacturing of these specialty parts.

Custom Coils

High current inductors
Custom Coils offers several series of axial leaded, radial leaded and drum core shaped inductors.

Custom Coils

Hydrogen coils
In addition to custom transformers, Custom Coils also has the ability to manufacture hydrogen generator coils.

When your company needs a custom transformer and other magnetic components, Custom Coils is ready to deliver. With more than 40 years in the industry, they have become the trusted go-to location for these parts by companies all over the world.

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