ETS-Lindgren is an innovator of systems and components for the detection, measurement, and management of electromagnetic, magnetic, and acoustic energy. We adapt new technologies and apply proven engineering principles to create value-added solutions for our customers.

Almost every electronic device emits unintentional radiated electromagnetic energy. If not controlled, these emissions can interfere with the electronic circuitry of other nearby devices. The consequences can range from mildly annoying static, to potentially life threatening system failures. To protect the public, regulatory agencies have developed standards that define acceptable electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility levels. Before products can be sold to the public, they must be tested for compliance with those standards. ETS-Lindgren provides electronics manufacturers and commercial test laboratories with the systems for making the measurements necessary to bring products to market. ETS-Lindgren has installed more than 10,000 test chambers and shielded enclosures around the world.

If engineers ignored electromagnetic interference when designing automobiles, drivers could face life-threatening hazards. Overhead utility lines, sweeping radar from a nearby airport, or the car's own internal network of electronics could deploy airbags, freeze anti-lock braking systems, or shut down fuel delivery systems. With more automotive systems becoming electronically controlled, manufacturers are devoting more attention to testing components and assemblies for susceptibility to electromagnetic interference. ETS-Lindgren designs and manufactures the specialized test products and facilities to test for product safety and functionality in the presence of electromagnetic interference. Leading the industry, ETS-Lindgren designed and built the largest automotive electromagnetic test facility in the world for General Motors.

Users of wireless devices expect dependable connections, whether surfi ng the Internet in a crowded café or talking on a mobile phone while zooming down a desert highway. But reliable communication is not as simple as it sounds. To achieve maximum performance, wireless devices must be designed to optimize transmission signal strength, sensitivity, and directionality. ETS-Lindgren provides engineers with the systems and tools to analyze new wireless products, measure their performance, and make the certifi cation tests before going to market. As the industry leader, ETS-Lindgren has supplied more systems for wireless overthe-air (OTA) performance testing than any other company. The Wireless Association® (CTIA) named ETS-Lindgren as the fi rst CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL) for mobile station over-the-air antenna performance testing.

Modern aerospace and defense systems make extensive use of electronics. Reliability must be insured even though operating conditions are often harsh and extreme. ETS-Lindgren makes the radio frequency (RF) microwave test chambers that allow mission critical systems to be tested in simulated front-line use. Complex ground, sea, and air platforms, including earth orbiting satellites, can be tested for full operational readiness before being placed in service. ETS-Lindgren leads with a number of innovative solutions, including construction of the world's largest RF microwave chamber for full-aircraft testing.

Unwanted noise can become more than a mere nuisance. Hearing loss, the perception of product quality, intrusion on environments, and the quality of broadcasts and recordings all depend on the ability to control acoustic energy. ETS-Lindgren provides the means to manage and control acoustic energy by making enclosures that isolate sound. We are also the leading U.S. supplier of hearing test facilities that help people achieve a quality diagnostic experience. Our innovations include the development of a test chamber used to make acoustic and electromagnetic measurements.

Medical practitioners often rely on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a noninvasive way to view interior images of the human body. We design and build facilities that shield MRI systems. Properly shielded magnets yield clearer images faster and increase patient throughput. This means doctors can see more patients, and the patients themselves spend less time in the MRI suite. As the world leader for MRI shielding solutions, ETS-Lindgren designs and installs new MRI shielding facilities, retrofi ts existing facilities, and conducts site surveys to detect potential electromagnetic interference and vibration sources. ETS-Lindgren has a history of accepting challenging projects and responding with innovative solutions. For example, we helped develop an intra-operative suite that allows doctors to make MRI scans and perform surgery in the same room – an industry first.

Climbing telecommunications or broadcast towers would seem perilous enough without exposure to strong electromagnetic fi elds. Workers who take on the task need to know that the radiating energy around them does not exceed established safety limits. ETS-Lindgren makes the personal protection equipment workers use to monitor their electromagnetic energy exposure. We also provide measurement devices to survey the communication towers themselves, and also make numerous other health and safety devices. ETS-Lindgren innovated the use of laser technology for power and signal transmission in a new generation of broadband electromagnetic fi eld monitoring systems. This new technology removes the limitations imposed by traditional monitoring systems.

ETS-Lindgren offers a number of services, including: consultation and training, pre-construction site surveys, chamber and room performance testing, product calibration and repair, and the design of custom solutions for special requirements. We are qualifi ed to perform our services with labs accredited by A2LA and NVLAP, and a CTIA approved test lab (CATL) for Part 2 Over The Air Testing of Wireless Devices. Our company is also active in the professional organizations that defi ne the technical standards for the markets we serve. With offices strategically located around the world, ETS-Lindgren has the ability to respond quickly to your needs. We are staffed with more than 750 professionals, including industry experts, engineers, technicians, project managers, fi eld installation teams, and customer service personnel. Our ability to meet your needs is further strengthened with a network of more than 60 local, independent representatives and distributors. ETS-Lindgren off ers more than a typical service relationship. Our company's depth of technical expertise and global reach means we can deliver industry-leading solutions to enable our customers' success.

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