Excitron designs, manufactures and markets stepper motors, controllers, and integrated motor/controllers. We also offer many accessories to complete your design, from gears and leadscrews to power supllies and cables. We have high quality manufacturing facilities capable of assembling thousands of units. Controller/driver miniaturization is our strength, which gives you smoother motor operation.

Excitron was formed in 1993 to design, manufacture, and market new innovative stepper motors and controllers for the robotics and automatic control industries. 

Excitron's management and technical team have successfully designed automatic controls and robotics since 1969. For over 40 years, Excitron's people have successfully created and worked on over 300 products, equipment, and systems. The management team has generated over $3 billion dollars in sales as a direct result of these endeavors.

Excitron stepper motors with integrated intelligent controllers give you quick and easy motion control.  Add automation to factory processes, equipment, assembly lines, and robotics. Excitron manufactures a full line of motors/controllers, and can expertly add accessories such as gears, power supplies, encoders, adaptors, and cables to save you time.  Excellent for CNC machines and any motorized project, and saves Energy.

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