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Category: Plastic Molding Services
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As a contract manufacturer for the past 45 years, GRT-Mars has assisted all types of companies in bringing their products to market quickly and cost-efficiently.  They pledge to do the same for you because the driving force of their business is “It’s all about your product.”

With a global manufacturing network, they successfully address the challenges you face maintaining a cost competitive position in your marketplace. Whether you’ve had experience manufacturing your product offshore or this is your first program, you’ll benefit from their proven – Controlled Manufacturing Process methodology.

CMP is the confluence of their authoritative control, support and service systems integrated with their strategic partnership network.  This network provides more value than any single sourced manufacturer would be able to accomplish on its own.

Unlike other Contract Manufacturers, they have in-house teams of experienced Project Managers and Logistics Coordinators ensuring that your project runs smoothly and is executed according to the approved plan.

GRT-Mars is the Contract Manufacturing authority in a wide variety of market sectors including Automotive, Industrial, Wireless Control, Healthcare, Personal Care and Consumer Products.

GRT-Mars has manufacturing locations in the US and Asia specializing in Electronic Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication and Injection Molding.  GRT-Mars is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company assuring quality in all phases of their organization.

When you partner with GRT-Mars, you’ll experience the control you need; the speed to market you require; and the best overall value available.

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