Group Mobile is a premier provider of rugged, mobile and field-use computing products. They are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and serve customers all over North America.

Group Mobile only sells rugged and mobile computers and rugged computing accessories. They believe this specialization allows them to best serve you due to their extensive product knowledge and their singular ability to match the right products to your unique requirements.

They provide the Total Solution from a hardware perspective. Group Mobile carries rugged laptop, tablet, handheld, UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC) and fixed mount computers. They also carry rugged mobile printers, vehicle computer docking and mounting gear, power accessories, wireless communication products, antennas, carrying cases, and all the peripherals, accessories, and add-ons that you need to be totally effective in a mobile or field computing environment.

Over the years, Group Mobile has carried nearly every brand of ruggedized computer products. With most brands, they have had tremendous success and the customers who bought those products have been pleased. However, some of the manufacturers they represented in the past were lacking in one way or another. Perhaps their product quality was not up to snuff or their support was inadequate. They subsequently stopped carrying their products. Today, Group Mobile is pleased to say that every product line they represent is rock solid. They are proud to carry General Dynamics Itronix, Panasonic, Xplore, Getac, Panther, RMT, TDS/Trimble, Motion Computing, DRS and several other PROVEN and TESTED lines of computers, peripherals and accessories. If you choose to source your rugged, mobile products from Group Mobile, you can be certain these products are the best and highest quality available in the marketplace.

Business Philosophy
Highly Responsive. One of the mandates from management is to always respond to customer requests immediately. It doesn't matter if you are a prospective customer or an existing customer. They will always pick up their phones, return emails and voice mails, respond to requests for quotes, respond to questions, jump all over any problems or issues, etc. as fast as they possibly can.

Highly Knowledgeable. Group Mobile knows their products inside and out. They also probably know your industry very well too as they help many field and vehicle-based customers every day. They are non-biased regarding the brands they sell. Their bias is towards the customer and making sure you obtain the best products for your specific needs.

Easy to do Business With. Another mandate from top management is to do everything they can to be flexible and easy to work with. They believe an advantage to not being a billion dollar company is their willingness and ability to meet your requests, even if they are "outside the norm". One of their favorite expressions is "OK folks, let's bend our knees. We need to be flexible to meet our customer's requirements." Group Mobile also takes pride in their website, which is very easy to use and navigate.

Efficient, Accurate and Speedy Order Process. All orders must get accurately processed within 2 hours…that is their rule. Sometimes Group Mobile's suppliers may take days or weeks to deliver your products, but they can guarantee there will be no hold up on their end. And they stay on top of their orders to make sure they go out as soon as humanly possible.

Great Prices. You want to do business with a solid, high-quality company. But you also want to get a good price. Fortunately, their total volume is large enough that Group Mobile receives the best possible pricing from their suppliers and they are able to pass these low prices along to their customers.

One Satisfied Customer at a Time. A successful business is built one satisfied customer at a time. Group Mobile offers the best products, the best prices, the best delivery and the best customer service. They want every single customer to be a delighted customer that will revisit them time and time again. They hope you will allow them to meet or exceed your expectation and prove ourselves to you as your best supplier ever. To read a few comments from their customers: visit their Testimonials page.

Rugged and mobile computer products are used in a variety of industries and organizations. Group Mobile has experience in every one. They do not cater to a specific industry but rather to all types of end-users who use rugged and mobile products. Their customers range from the largest Fortune 500 corporations, to Federal, State and Local governments, to the Military, all the way to an individual consumer who needs something tougher than a plastic, indoor computer. Whether you are in construction, public safety, building inspection, mining, oil and gas, utility, agribusiness, field service, or any other outdoor or mobile profession, they are here to help you.

Here are some of the industries and organizations that Group Mobile has worked with:

Group Mobile
Group Mobile
Group Mobile
Group Mobile
Group Mobile
Group Mobile
Group Mobile
Air Force
Airlines and General Aviation
Auto Dealers and Auto Parts
Business Travelers/Road Warriors
Chemical Companies
City Government
Coast Guard
Colleges and Universities
County Government
Delivery Services
Distribution and Warehousing
Electric Utilities
Field Sales and Route Sales
Field Service and Support
Fish and Wildlife
Food and Beverage
Forest Service
Forestry and Conservation
Geosciences and Geophysical
Heavy Equipment
Hospitals and Health Care
Hotels, Casinos and Resorts
Lumber and Paper Companies
Marine Industry
Mining Companies
Natural Gas and Propane
Oil and Gas Companies
Property Managers
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Developers
Telecommunications and Cable
Trucking Companies and Truckers
Water Utilities
World Travelers

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