HYDAC INTERNATIONAL, Series DF - High Pressure Filters

Give us a challenge - anywhere, any time. At HYDAC, our people are geared to help your application design succeed with a wide range of fluid-power products: Hydraulic Filters, Accumulators, Valves, Clamps, Electronics, and Compact Hydraulic Systems.

HYDAC provides fluid power solutions to OEMs, manufacturers and end users of a variety of heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment. These solutions increase the efficiency, longevity and safety of fluid power systems - even under extreme conditions.

Although the demands that industries place on machinery vary depending upon the application - construction and agricultural equipment; offshore; machine tools; pulp and paper industries; forging, mining; aviation; plastic injection molding machines - all types of equipment and systems share one thing in common - the need for improved performance in a cost-effective manner.

At HYDAC, we respond to that need because our company is committed to complete customer satisfaction and to providing high quality products. We are further dedicated to maintaining our position as a fluid power leader by satisfying the ever-changing needs of our customers, and to the evolving demands placed on hydraulic systems.

Our strategy is to anticipate the demands that will be placed on our products when they are applied in the industries we serve, rather than just react to customer demands. Through our ongoing testing and research, HYDAC is constantly and proactively looking to improve upon our current products and to place that same research and experience into our new product designs.

Many of our products satisfy ISO standards, as well as many other industry standards, certifications and benchmarks. However, the goal of our innovative product line is not just to meet these requirements - our aim is to exceed them.

HYDAC INTERNATIONAL, Series DF - High Pressure FiltersIn addition to increasing product performance, at HYDAC we also take on the role of finding ways in which our innovations can provide cost savings to our customers over the lifetime of the their equipment, and to assist them in creating more efficient system designs.

HYDAC offers a wide range of standard products, which are available for fast, prompt delivery. Our extensive line of products and systems for fluid technology, hydraulics and diagnostics are available as individual components or as complete packages. And, if you have a custom application, HYDAC can provide custom solutions that will make you, your design engineer - and accountant - smile.

We have Division office locations in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Glendale Heights, Illinois, and Regional Sales offices across the United States. We are also supported across the country by a nationwide distributor network. And, with our worldwide locations, you can be confident that no matter where your company goes, there will be a HYDACrepresentative close by to support you. Anywhere, Any time.

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