Harmonic Drive LLC is the world's largest manufacturer of Harmonic Drive™ gearing and motion control products. The company's product lines include servo actuators, gearheads, gearing components, sensors and control systems. Harmonic Drive™ gearing offers advantages including zero-backlash, positional accuracy of 30 arc-sec, repeatability of 5 arc-sec, and high torque capacity in a small package size. The company's patented technologies have revolutionized Harmonic Drive™ gearing by doubling the torque capacity, life, and stiffness, and functionality of its drives. Gear ratios from 30:1 to 160:1 are available.

Harmonic Planetary®  gearheads are a new addition the company's product line. This line of planetary gearheads has many benefits over conventional planetary gearheads including backlash better than 1 arc-min over the life of the gearhead. Thus, it does not exhibit the same backlash creep as conventional gearheads. This is made possible by an innovative ring gear design that provides continuous preload between the planet gears and the ring gear. Other advantages include easy mounting to any motor, and a flange output option for a compact package size. The Harmonic Planetary® is available in 4 sizes with gear ratios ranging from 3 to 45:1.


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