HITECH (HK) CO., LTD was established in 1992 and to-date it is considered to be a major world wide player within the surge protection industry. With factories throughout China, all of their designs are done in-house by their highly recognized team of engineers and state of the art testing laboratory which includes: Surge Generators for 8/20 (120KA), 2ms (2000A), 10/350us, 4/10us (100KA) and 10/1000us, TOV Testers, Thermal Stability Testers, SPD On-Line Testers and Aging Testers - just to name a few. Few companies world wide have such facilities to guarantee full specification and performances on all of their products.

Hitech's wide range of surge protection products assures you a one stop shopping location for all your surge protection need and professional advice.

From individual components like:

  • Varistors... up to 120KA 8/20
  • Gas arresters... up to 400KA 8/20 (100KA 10/350)
  • PTCs
  • Resettable fuses... low voltage and high voltage models
  • NTCs
  • TVS
  • Thermal cutoff surge suppression models from 5KA to 60KA 8/20 are available

To complete products like:

  • Surge Protecting Devices (SPDs)... up to 200KA 8/20 and 100KA 10/350
  • Lightning even counters... voltage or current driven
  • HV arresters... up to 330KV
  • High voltage insulators
  • High voltage fuse cut-offs... up to 330KV
  • State of the art test equipment... up to 100KA pulse generator

Hitech's factories are ISO9001:2000 certified with a production quality control second to none.

Hitech's R&D department is run by some of the country’s leading experts in the field with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and design of lightning protection components and equipment.

Some of Hitech's senior engineers are members of the IEEE, IEC & UL standards committees, as well as senior consultants for the Lightning Protection Association of China with Hitech's chief engineer being the President of the Varistors Society of China.

Hitech's Over Current Protection factory engineers have full co-operation with the China Academy of Sciences, and this is Hitech's guarantee in the supply of leading edge technology products at high quality standards.

Hitech's company’s priority is to continue their strong research and development program to assure customers a leading technological supply of surge protection components and products to meet their demands.

Hitech not only supplies their customers with leading edge components and products, but they also work together with customers to help them solve their customized product solutions.

Call Hitech (HK) Co., Ltd. now with any problem or inquiry and give their experts the challenge to convince you to switch to Hitech as your leading supplier of Surge protection components and products.

Hitech (HK) Co., Ltd.
Hitech (HK) Co., Ltd.

Hitech (HK) Co., Ltd.
Hitech (HK) Co., Ltd.

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