Over twenty-five years of problem-solving experience and training provide the tools to bring fresh solutions to their customer’s nagging engineering and manufacturing problems.
  Innalytical Solutions, Inc.

      "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody
      has seen and thinking what  nobody has thought."

            Albert Szent-Gyorgy

Innalytical Solutions, Inc."Paul has a gift of vision... to a level that few engineers possess. A truly unique talent that won't allow him to accept the norm or status quo, but rather to visualize beyond design limitations... to conceive designs that take him way outside the box. This is accomplished with practicality in design and cost, while upholding the highest level of personal integrity and professionalism. It's been a privilege to see Paul's amazing design accomplishments take root from concept to completion over the past 11 years."
      Lawrence R. Jacob - Mtech Wisconsin, Inc.

      “Research is turning money into knowledge.
      Innovation is turning knowledge into money.”

            The Bayer Corporation

Innalytical Solutions, Inc."Innalytical Solutions is a powerhouse of industrial knowledge. It is rare to find an engineering house that can efficiently incorporate the latest technological solutions in all the stages of automation including controls, motors, software, communications, tooling, machine structure and product innovation across a myriad of markets. I highly recommend Innalytical Solutions to anyone wishing to enhance their product or achieve a leaner manufacturing system. Paul has never ceased to amaze me on his engineering prowess and innovation when it comes to meeting a difficult product or automation challenge.   I've seen him do the impossible in order to reduce manufacturing costs and enhance product quality, much to the dismay of his customer's competition."
      Joe Hernandez - Parker Hannifin

      Inventions are fun but innovations are profitable!
            Donald Hegland (Editor - Assembly Magazine)

"Original thinker... Always looks for a way to make a process or machine better"
      Mike Whitney - Power/mation

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