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Instruments for Industry, Inc. (IFI) manufactures the broadest range of amplifiers available. IFI's field proven high power amplifiers cover the most extensive frequency ranges and power requirements on the market today (up to 40GHz).

Applications Include:

  • Automotive Testing
  • Wireless
  • Educational
  • EMC/IEC Testing
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Communications
  • Aircraft Testing
  • Space Qualification Testing

Products from IFI Include:

  • Amplifiers
  • Antennas
  • TEM Cells
  • RF Components
  • Sensors
  • Level Preamplifiers
Instruments for Industry, Inc. - Amplifiers
Instruments for Industry, Inc. - Antennas
Instruments for Industry, Inc. - TEM Cells
Instruments for Industry, Inc. - Preamplifiers

At IFI they believe the service on any amplifier doesn't stop when it comes out of the box. Their service professionals have been repairing and upgrading all breeds of amplifiers for over 25 years. Call them today for a free evaluation.

Instruments for Industry, Inc. (aka IFI) provides over 50 -years of global support custom designing, developing and manufacturing high power Amplifiers ranging DC-40GHz CW & Pulse. Devices include Solid State, Tetrode Tube, and TWT. Customers can purchase complete solutions for their testing requirements from a single source. IFI manufactures single amplifier solutions for 10KHz-3.0GHz & 0.8-18.0GHz in addition to fully customized products for indoor/outdoor programs. Packaging includes rack mount, ruggedized, mobile/transportable versions, or custom. Applications include EMI/EMC testing, Automotive, Educational, Biological, Military, EW/ECM, Communications, Radar testing/Pulse source, Aircraft testing, and Space Qualification testing. In addition, IFI provides antennas, TEM Cells, Sensors, and Monitoring Systems with & without leveling. The company utilizes a global support network to service customers. This is why IFI is “The Power of Choice!”

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