Kineseal Zhangjiagang LLCKineSeal Zhangjiagang LLC is a professional manufacturer of mechanical seals located in Zhoujiaqiao Industry Zone Zhangjiagang City Jiangsu province China. Kineseal is certified to ISO9001-2008 quality management system by BSI (British Standards Institution).

KineSeal designs, manufactures, sells, services and repairs their complete line of mechanical seals and related devices worldwide. The extent of their capabilities is demonstrated on their website and includes:

  • boiler feed circuit seals
  • cartridge seals
  • component seals
  • high performance seals
  • low emission seals
  • metal bellows
  • mixer seals
  • slurry seals
  • standard chemical pump seals
  • Fluid Control Equipment
  • and materials as Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, PTFE etc.

Kineseal Zhangjiagang LLCKineSeal designs their seals to work within prominent markets such as: petrochemical processing(API682), Chemical Industry, Mining and ore processing industry, Municipal water supply / water and wastewater industry, Pharmacy industry, Pipeline transportation, Power Industry, and Pulp and Paper Industry. Currently, KineSeal exports the above mentioned products to 30+ countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and South Africa.

CNC machines assure all products feature high quality and faster speed. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact them. KineSeal is waiting for you to be their customer.

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