Welcome to Kytola Instruments, the leading global industry manufacturer of quality ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified engineered flow control instruments, lubrication systems and regulators. With more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, Kytola's portfolio includes industrial variable area flowmeters, acrylic flowmeters, gas and air flow meters, oval gear positive displacement meters, seal water monitors, waste water monitors, centralized lubrication solutions and a variety of flow accessories. Globally, Kytola is the largest manufacturer of OEM flow meters with over 20,000 flow meters in use in multiple industries worldwide. All of their products can be factory customized or engineered usually with no additional costs for the harshest of environments or minute flow requirements.

Kytola Instruments has a proven history of quality European innovation and they are the only flow solutions manufacturer that guarantees their workmanship 100%. Kytola refuses to sell products that can be thrown away, leak or breakdown. They are proud that Kytola flow meters that were installed in the 1960's are still in use and operation. Kytola is the only flow meter manufacturer that has CRN approval on acrylic and industrial flow meters. Customers choose Kytola when accurate and reliable flow measurement products, short delivery lead times, expert application and technical support solutions is important to them.

Kytola Instruments

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