Since their inception in 2001, Laser Photonics, based in Lake Mary, Florida, has focused on the research, development and manufacture of fiber laser marking and cutting equipment for the global automotive, aerospace, defense, electronic and medical industries.

Laser Photonics' dynamic product line demonstrates significant enhancements over existing technologies in laser applications. This technology is more energy efficient than comparable products on the market. Their systems provide affordable quality and performance and are easy to operate. These advancements translate into numerous cost and performance benefits to their customers. They emphasize high quality design of technologically advanced equipment and provide unrivaled products with respect to value, performance, range and efficiency.

In 2009, Laser Photonics was acquired by the investment firm, The Comvest Group, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Since 1998, Comvest has invested over $2 billion of capital in more than 200 public and private companies worldwide. The Comvest Group focuses on providing equity solutions to middle-market companies. Comvest is able to offer its companies total financial sponsorship, critical strategic support and business development assistance.

As part of the Comvest portfolio, Laser Photonics continues to execute its growth strategy to maintain industry status as “The Fiber Laser Equipment Experts.”

The Fiber Laser Cutting Series

The FLC Series is comprised of large, flatbed, multi-purpose fiber laser cutting systems built using state-of-the-art technology. These systems are equipped with a high power, energy-efficient, fiber laser, an advanced direct-drive motion control platform and single or dual-pallet shuttle tables.

Laser Photonics

The Fiber Laser Marking Series

The FLM Series includes that latest generation of fiber laser material processing systems for direct parts marking, UID (Unique Identifier), and deep engraving. These laser systems possess a reliability, speed and innovative design that is unmatched by any other solid state or gas laser system.

Laser Photonics

The FLM Handheld

The FLM  Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System is the industry’s first 12/24 volt hand held fiber laser system. This extremely versatile unit can be easily moved for convenient operation from any location and is ideal for Large Direct Part Marking, 2D Matrix Codes, UID and Barcode applications.

Laser Photonics

The Fiber Laser Engraving Series

The FLE Canyon Deep Engraver Series by Laser Photonics is ideal for performing precision deep 2D and 3D engravings on metal surfaces. By combining fiber laser technology, proprietary FiberScan C3 software and industrial grade-safety enclosures, these systems are quickly replacing outdated methods.

Laser Photonics

OEM Marking Kits

The OEM kits are perfect for factory integration or as components in a standalone laser system. Laser Photonics offers fiber laser kits and CO2 laser kits with a wide range of power output and options to suit any OEM integration needs.

Laser Photonics

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