Lightwind was started in 2001 with its first product, the L3, designed to provide critical chemical information about process conditions. Processes such as ALD or ClF3 cleans are examples of environments where the L3 is unaffected by continuous operation, and the L3 is able to provide process insight that is not reliably available from any other sensor. For example, in ALD alone Lightwind has over 600,000 hours of 24 x 7 manufacturing time with the L3.

The second OES capability added to Lightwind solutions was the S3, a more traditional spectroscopy, for chemical processes that naturally emit light.

Through developing their technology and applications Lightwind has been awarded multiple patents in the United States as well as throughout the world.

July 2009 Lightwind became a distributor for Ocean Optics products on the West Coast. With that expanded range of products Lightwind can now offer a variety of sensors and automation solutions for a variety of industries including:

  • Semiconductor R & D, Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • LED Test and Manufacturing
  • Solar Cell Test and Manufacturing
  • Biochemical Test and Manufacturing
Lightwind Corporation
Lightwind Corporation


Lightwind Corporation Ocean Optics Sensors and Systems
Ocean Optics has a large selection of spectrometers and accessories that range from educational systems to high resolution low noise detectors from UV to Infrared to Raman.
Lightwind Corporation
Lightwind Corporation Ocean Optics Metrology
Ocean Optics has products that can be used for non-critical as well as critical thin film measurements using reflectrometry and ellipsometry. In addition, Libs and Lamps can provide rapid chemical composition measurements.
Lightwind Corporation
Lightwind Corporation Ocean Optics Chemical Sensors
Ocean Optics offers a large variety of spectroscopy solutions ranging from standard optical emission to fluorescence, and from UV to Infrared. Application specific spectrometers, such as the NeoFox, provide direct accurate readout of gas phase or dissolved oxygen.
Lightwind Corporation
Lightwind Corporation Lightwind L3
ICP OES (Optical Emission Spectroscopy) Chemical sensor for CVD, ALD, and Etech. Because the L3 has its own plasma light source it will work with almost all vacuum processes. It is sensitive enough for critical endpoint, and reproducible enough for manufacturing fault detection.
Lightwind Corporation
Lightwind Corporation Lightwind S3
OES Multichannel spectrometer that collects light over the full spectral range from UV to Near Infrared. These sensors can be used for through window spectroscopy for processes that emit light. They are an excellent endpoint upgrade for legacy process tools that need more sensitive and reliable endpoint capability to match next generation process requirements. Spectrometers can be tuned for maximum application sensitivity.
Lightwind Corporation
Lightwind Corporation Lightwind Vector Software
Lightwind can provide different levels of sensor integration with the process tool and the factory. Starting with the simplest level which includes SECS based synchronization to more sophisticated integration including automatic fault detection at the tool level.

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