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MSI (Micro-Star International), a world-class manufacturer of an extensive variety of the highest quality IT products, is one of Taiwan’s top 3 leading motherboard manufacturers and one of the top five front-end server manufacturers in the world. MSI was founded in 1986 and has over-20-year experience in motherboard manufacturing. MSI's experience and success in the consumer market marks out the successful and professional experience in motherboard filed, and started providing reliable and customized IPC (Industrial Platform Computing) products with expansion capability, while the reputation for solid performance in the industrial arena makes MSI IPC to provide the very best of both worlds – consumer board innovation coupled with industrial board longevity.

MSI IPC is fast becoming one of the world’s trusted providers of IPC market. Designed for enterprise-class computing environments where efficiency and stability are essential, MSI IPC products are ready for quick and easy implementation into production. Through solid R&D and manufacturing ability, MSI serves clients with efficient DMS (Design, Manufacture and Service) solution. MSI IPC manufactures high quality industrial products in various industrial applications, such as digital signage, KIOSK, POS, automation, gaming and amusement, medical electronic, ATM, kiosk, industrial control and home entertainment.

Product Overview IPC


  • Digital Signage
  • POS
  • Gaming and amusement

  • Medical
  • ATM
  • Networking
  • Industrial Automation
  • Surveillance
  • Military & Marine

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