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Category: Inorganic Chemicals and Compounds
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Stohler Isotope Chemicals, Inc. was the foundation for Medical Isotopes, Inc. Stohler Isotope Chemicals was founded in 1963 in Canada and in 1969 the headquarters were moved to Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. The major product line was the production of NMR solvents and NMR supplies. In addition, amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, steroids, labeled with Deuterium, C13, N15, and O18 were synthesized. After 21 years of operation the company was sold in 1984 to ICN, an international pharmaceutical company.

In 1985 Eric Stohler subsequently financed and established an antibody company, named "Biodesign International" in Kennebunkport, Maine. The major product line was production of antibodies in animals that were used in antibody kits for blood analysis in hospitals. After 11 years of operation Biodesign was sold in 1996 to Fresenius A. G., a German international pharmaceutical company.

Medical Isotopes, Inc.
At the same time (1985) Eric Stohler established a new isotope company, Medical Isotopes, Inc. which he currently operates. The website is http://www.medicalisotopes.com. Medical Isotopes produces a wide range of compounds labeled with Deuterium, N15, C13, O18 and metals. We also specialize in custom synthesis. We supply Oxygen-18 water 98% and 10% to the medical community. The 98% O-18 water is used for Positron Emission Tomography (PET). The 10% O-18 water is used in patients for metabolic studies. We also supply a unique product line of labeled and unlabeled vitamins for medical research. Our products are respected and used in many medical applications. We sell our products throughout the scientific world and we are cited in many research publications.

For more than 40 years, our expert chemists have specialized in the development, production, and marketing of stable (non-radioactive) isotopes and chemical compounds labeled with stable isotopes. With an inventory of over 33,000 products, Medical Isotopes has one of the most complete product offerings of stable isotope labeled compounds available. Medical Isotopes' chemists are experts in their fields, with extensive years of experience exclusively in the synthesis of stable isotope labeled compounds. When unusual specially designed compounds are required, Medical Isotopes has expert resources to synthesize the custom compounds needed.

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