Mini-Systems, Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of precision thick and thin film chip resistors, capacitors, metal/glass sidewall packages, custom thick film hybrid circuits, and multi-chip modules. Since 1968, their commitment to quality and responsive customer service has served as the cornerstone for their successful efforts to build and maintain a leadership position. MSI is called upon when high reliability, responsiveness and high performance are required in a broad range of applications including satellite, medical, spacecraft, and military.

From their first day of operation, MSI has known that practical dedication to service, including rapid and informed customer centered response, is the key to building lasting customer relationships. As in the past, they look forward toward putting forth a world class effort designed especially to serve your unique interests and to ensure the achievement of your goals and objectives.

Mini-Systems, Inc. (MSI) Thin Film Division:
A leading ISO 9001 Certified manufacturer of Precision Hi-Reliability Chip Resistors for more than 30 years. Along with an extensive line of Standard products, the Thin Film Division provides design service for custom resistor arrays, RC Networks, and Custom circuits for high frequency applications.
Electronic Package:
MSI's Electronic Package Division has been providing the Electronics Industry with the highest quality of hybrid microelectronic packages available. The Electronic Package Division is best known for supplying the hybrid alternative to plastic microelectronic packages. Alumina / Glass Sidewall packages meet military and space level quality as well as exceeding all commercial needs.
Mini-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
Mini-Systems, Inc. (MSI) Thick Film Division:
ISO 9001 Certified, MSI has been a leading manufacturer of Precision Hi-Reliability Chip Resistors for more than 30 Years. MSI's products are designed for superior solder fillets for optimum performance in the area of stability, solderability, adhesion, power dissipation and life.

Quick response to critical requirements and customer concerns combined with knowledgeable sales and engineering staff are key to providing the service MSI's customers expect.

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