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Category: Industrial Valves
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Neptune Research, Inc.

For thirty-five years, NResearch Inc. has supplied dedicated service to the analytical chemistry industry. NResearch Inc. manufactures the largest selection of miniature solenoid operated pinch and isolation valves in the industry. Our flawless engineering has resulted in six U.S. Patents that have been successfully applied to our extensive standard product line and numerous client projects. Patented designs incorporate sound engineering principals that enhance valve performance and longevity.

Products are manufactured with pride in our state of the art facilities by our own highly trained staff. At the time of assembly, all of our products are 100% tested and each valve is marked with its own serial number. The test results are recorded and filed for future reference. At the time of shipment, the pull-in and dropout voltage of each valve is measured and recorded. A personalized QA Certificate is generated, incorporating the final test results for your order and is included with each shipment.

Our limited warranty covers one year from the date of purchase. Experience has proven that when properly applied, the life of our products exceeds the useful life of our clients' instruments. Continuing customer service is often provided beyond the terms of the warranty.

Valves span a range of applications from hand held instruments to process equipment. Valves feature orifice sizes ranging from 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm, silicone tubing ranging from 0.031" to 0.250" I.D., power consumption as low as 1.0 watt, response times from 2 ms to 20 ms, solenoid mounting and miniature size.

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