Larox filters and services are now part of Outotec.

Outotec Larox is a leading innovator of solid-liquid separation solutions for the world’s process industries. Companies in mining and metallurgy, chemical processing and related industries benefit from its high-performance, high-efficiency process solutions, technologies and products.

Outotec Larox and its complete line of filtration products and services is committed to:

  • Increasing profitability by simplified production processes

  • Improving the quality and yield of the end products

  • Reducing energy consumption

  • Making the production more environmentally friendly.

Outotec Larox provides its clients with an unrivalled combination of process expertise and service. The company delivers complete solutions, with benefits based on product performance and high degree of automation as well as customer service, which is offered throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

Outotec Larox's filter range: Larox, Hoesch, Scheibler, Ceramec, Pannevis, Scanmec.

Outotec Larox's services range from installation, start-up and training to spare parts, maintenance and modernizations.

Outotec Larox
Outotec Larox
Outotec LaroxOutotec LaroxOutotec Larox

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