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Category: Industrial Valves
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Parker is The Global Leader in Motion & Control Technologies. Their Instrumentation Group is dedicated to being the global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality, critical flow and ultra high purity components for the petrochemical, chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, water analysis, biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, and analytical equipment industries.

Instrumentation Products Division
Parker Hannifin / Instrumentation Group Instrumentation Products Div
1005 A Cleaner Way
Huntsville, AL 35805
Phone: (256) 885-3800
Fax: (256) 885-3853

The Instrumentation Products Division provides highly engineered flow control components and systems. These components range from basic compression tube fittings, pipe fittings, needle valves, ball valves, compact stream switching valves to modular fitting and valve packages. These items are all developed and manufactured to increase their customers' up-time, maintain safety, and improve production and quality control. Parker is equally committed with assisting their customers in decreasing their downtime, labor and maintenance costs.

Partek Division
Parker Hannifin / Instrumentation Group Parker Hannifin
7075 E Southpoint Road
Tucson, AZ 85756
Phone: (520) 574-2600

Partek manufactures flow control products for use in fluid systems where corrosion protection is required or where media purity must be safeguarded. The wetted surfaces of all products are of chemically inert, corrosion-resistant PFA or PTFE. Durable, leak-free Partek products are designed for use in semiconductor applications. Partek products are also used in a variety of other applications including chemical, food and pharmaceutical processing, and biomedical and analytical instrumentation. Partek can help create innovative solutions that ensure your success.

Porter Instrument Division
Parker Hannifin / Instrumentation Group Porter Instrument Div
245 Township Line Road
Hatfield, PA 19440-0907
Phone: (215) 723-4000
Fax: (215) 723-2199

Porter Instrument is a global leader in analytical, dental, industrial and medical instrumentation. The division specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of precision instruments for the measurement and control of gases and liquids. These instruments, both standard or modified to customer design requirements, excel in some of the world's most performance-critical applications. They play a vital role in the production of computer chips, are trusted for the regulation and measurement of anesthetic gases in operating rooms worldwide, and aid in the production of pharmaceutical drugs, cutting-edge biotech research, dental patient sedation and environmental monitoring.

Veriflo Division
Parker Hannifin / Instrumentation Group Veriflo Div
250 Canal Blvd
Richmond, CA 94804
Phone: (510) 235-9590
Fax: (510) 232-7396

Veriflo Division is a leading manufacturer of precision diaphragm and bulk gas valves, regulators, and flow control components for the control and application of liquids and gases. The Division offers two unique product offerings, Ultra High Purity (UHP) for semiconductor and solar cell fabrication. The second offering is a complete Instrumentation Process Analyzer (IPA) line for petrochemical, refining and general industry applications. The Veriflo Division maintains state-of-the-art Class 10 Clean Rooms for the UHP products and an assembly area for the IPA products.

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