Path Technologies, Inc. (P.T.I.) believes that in order to succeed in manufacturing during the new millennium a company must focus on its core product or service. It is critical to fill a niche in the market place and be the best at its execution. The staff is committed to this ideal and realizes that all manufactured goods, whether aerospace or commercial, require the same attention to detail, quality and delivery.

Just a few of the industries P.T.I. serves:

  • Plastic and Rubber Extrusion Tooling
  • Medical Tools and Implants
  • Government Agencies
  • Nuclear Research
  • Aerospace Components
  • Precision Machined Parts

From art to part, P.T.I. can supply you with any of the services required to produce components for today's modern industries.

To act on their plan for success, P.T.I. acquires and maintains state of the art equipment to providing a quality product in a timely fashion. Whether it be the machine tools themselves, or the infrastructure to support them, P.T.I. makes the investment to show commitment toward the goal of customer satisfaction.

Path Technologies, Inc.
Path Technologies, Inc.



Path Technologies, Inc.
Path Technologies, Inc.
Path Technologies, Inc.

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